20 Amazing Genetics Activities for Middle School

Middle school is a great time to start learning about genetics, the science of heredity and variation. Genetics activities for middle schoolers can introduce students to the basics of the subject and get them excited about the amazing world of genetics. Here are 20 amazing genetics activities for middle school that are sure to engage and educate.

1. Create a Family Tree – Have students create a family tree with their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. Discuss how genetics affects the traits of family members.

2. Model Inheritance – Using simple materials like colored beads, pipe cleaners, and paper, have students model the inheritance of traits such as eye color and hair color.

3. Play the Punnett Square Game – Use a game board and colored beads to teach students the basics of Punnett squares.

4. Learn About Genes – Have students research different types of genes, such as those related to hair color and freckles.

5. Research Genetic Disorders – Have students research common genetic disorders, such as cystic fibrosis, and discuss how they are inherited.

6. Learn About Gene Mutations – Have students research different types of gene mutations and how they can affect the expression of a trait.

7. Make a Karyotype – Have students create a karyotype, or a diagram of a person’s chromosomes, using colored beads and paper.

8. DNA Extraction – Have students extract DNA from fruit or plants using household ingredients.

9. Learn About DNA Structure – Have students research the structure of DNA and make models of the molecule using household materials.

10. Grow Bacteria – Have students grow bacteria in Petri dishes and observe how genetics affects the growth and behavior of the bacteria.

11. Plant Genetics – Have students research different types of plants and how genetics affects their growth.

12. Perform a Cell Fission Experiment – Have students perform a cell fission experiment to observe how cells divide.

13. Create a Genetic Crossword Puzzle – Have students research different genetic terms and create a crossword puzzle.

14. Learn About Cloning – Have students research the history and ethics of cloning and discuss the implications.

15. Genetic Engineering – Have students research common applications of genetic engineering, such as the production of insulin.

16. Construct a DNA Model – Have students construct a model of DNA using household materials.

17. Learn About Epigenetics – Have students research the field of epigenetics and discuss how it affects gene expression.

18. The Human Genome Project – Have students research the Human Genome Project and discuss its implications.

19. Make a DNA Necklace – Have students construct a model of DNA and turn it into a necklace.

20. Genetics Quiz – Have students complete a genetics quiz to test their understanding of the subject.

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