20 Ancient Rome Hands-on Activities For Middle School


Engaging students in the rich history of Ancient Rome can be both educational and enjoyable, thanks to a variety of hands-on activities. Here are 20 immersive Ancient Rome experiences that are perfect for middle school students. These activities will not only help students better understand the intricacies of Roman life but will also provide them with opportunities to have fun while learning.

1. Clay Pottery-Making: Teach students about ancient Roman pottery and have them create their own clay pots using authentic techniques.

2. Mosaic Art: Introduce students to beautiful Roman mosaic art by having them design and create their own mosaics using small, colored tiles.

3. Chariot Racing: Divide the class into teams and let them build miniature chariots using cardboard and other available materials, followed by a fun race.

4. Gladiatorial Combat Simulation: Using soft foam swords, recreate the excitement of gladiator games while discussing their historical significance.

5. Toga Party: Teach students about the history and significance of Roman clothing by holding a toga party where everyone dresses in togas made from bedsheets.

6. Latin Language Lessons: Introduce students to the basics of the Latin language spoken in ancient Rome through simple lessons or games.

7. Roman Numeral Math Games: Have students practice math skills while learning about Roman numeral system through games and exercises.

8. Building Aqueducts: Teach students about engineering marvels of aqueducts with hands-on group activities to design and build miniature models.

9. Cooking Roman Recipes: Allow students to sample traditional Roman cuisine by cooking dishes based on ancient recipes in class or assigning this as a home project.

10. Create a Roman Forum Debate: Encourage public speaking skills by holding a debate on an important issue from Ancient Rome conducted in its traditional style in a recreated forum setting.

11. Explore Roman Mythology: Engage students in reading and discussing the mythology of ancient Rome, and have them create their own comic strips or artworks based on selected myths.

12. Build a Roman City: In groups or individually, students can plan and build miniature model cities with Roman architecture and design elements such as arches, columns, temples, and villas.

13. Roman Currency: Teach students about the Roman system of currency by minting their own coins from clay, learning about conversion rates, and playing games that require financial transactions in the Roman world.

14. Clothing and Fashion: Study ancient Roman fashion trends and create a fashion show highlighting typical clothing pieces and accessories worn by people in various social classes.

15. Roman Government Simulation: Simulate the Roman senate by assigning students roles as senators or emperors to better understand political structure during the Republic or Empire periods.

16. Create a Time Capsule: Assign students individual topics or time periods to research. Each student contributes their findings (artifacts, images, notes) to a collective class “time capsule.”

17. Roman Calendar Activity: Discuss ancient Rome’s calendar system (Julian calendar) and make connections to modern calendars.

18. Study Famous Romans: Students can choose famous Romans from history – emperors, senators, philosophers – to research their achievements and impact on society with presentations or reports.

19. Debunking Hollywood Myths: Watch clips from popular movies set in ancient Rome to discuss historical inaccuracies and separate fact from fiction.

20. Field Trip to a Museum or Historical Site: If possible, organize an educational trip to local museums or historical sites that showcase Roman artifacts or exhibits to bring the curriculum to life for your students.


These hands-on activities not only immerse middle school students in the fascinating world of Ancient Rome but also foster collaboration skills and critical thinking abilities.

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