20 AVID Activities for Middle School


AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a renowned program designed to support students academically and prepare them for college and career success. With engaging and interactive activities, AVID helps middle school students develop important skills such as organization, critical thinking, and collaboration. Here are 20 AVID activities perfect for middle schoolers.

1. Socratic Seminars: Students engage in deep discussions about a specific topic or text, asking open-ended questions and providing evidence-based responses.

2. Philosophical Chairs: In a structured debate format, students take positions on an issue and provide reasons to justify their stance.

3. Four Corners: The classroom is divided into four sections based on different perspectives or opinions. Students move to the corner that represents their viewpoint and discuss their reasoning with others.

4. Jigsaw: Small groups of students become “experts” on specific subtopics, teaching their peers what they have learned through collaborative learning.

5. One-pagers: Students create a visual representation of their understanding of a topic or text using words, images, and symbols.

6. Double-Entry Journal: Students write personal reflections and reactions on one side of the page while recording quotes or information from a text on the other.

7. Cornell Notes: This structured note-taking method involves students dividing their paper into sections for questions, notes, and summary to improve retention of information.

8. Quickwrites: Short, timed writing activities that allow students to reflect and respond to prompts or concepts without worrying about correct grammar or spelling.

9. Gallery Walks: Student work is displayed around the room as they “walk” around, observe, discuss and provide feedback on each other’s contributions.

10. KWL Charts: Students fill out columns about what they already Know, what they Want to know, and what they Learned during a lesson/unit study.

11. Scholarly Language: Students practice incorporating academic vocabulary into their speech and writing, building confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

12. Student-Led Conferences: In this alternative to traditional parent-teacher conferences, students participate in a conference with their parents and teachers, presenting examples of their work and setting goals for improvement.

13. Time Management Tools: Teach students how to use planners, checklists, and calendars effectively to stay organized and manage their time.

14. TRF (Tutorial Request Form): Students create TRFs in which they identify areas of academic struggle and pose questions for peers to support them in understanding the content.

15. Public Speaking Practice: Through speeches, debates, or presentations, students develop confident communication skills and the ability to articulate their ideas clearly.

16. College Exploration: Research different colleges/universities and create visual presentations or reports about the schools that interest them, fostering a college-bound mindset.

17. Reflective Writing: Encourage students to reflect on successes as well as areas for growth through journaling or written reflections.

18. Group Projects: Working collaboratively on projects enhances teamwork skills while also giving students opportunities to apply subject knowledge.

19. Goal Setting: Students set short-term and long-term academic and personal goals, revisiting these goals periodically to self-assess progress.

20. Reading Groups/Literature Circles: Small groups of students read assigned texts at their instructional level and engage in discussions about the material with teacher guidance.


Implementing these 20 AVID activities in middle school will foster a supportive learning environment that encourages academic achievement and college readiness. By developing essential skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, organization, and communication, middle schoolers will be well-prepared for future success in high school and beyond.

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