20 Books for 4th Graders

Reading is an important part of education and life. A simple book can unleash creativity beyond belief, and the library is a crucial element of the classroom. It’s hugely diverse, and somewhere students can learn about new subjects. Remember, a fourth grader’s mind is still expanding, and books are the key to unlocking their interests. It also gives students books suitable for their understanding and age bracket.

So, what books are best for fourth-graders?

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Your students will love the ever-classic works of Roald Dahl. One of his best stories must be Matilda. The story focuses on a gifted young girl and her struggles with the formidable headmistress Ms. Trunchbull and the mother-like figure, Miss Honey. Children tend to love this story because it’s heartwarming and incredibly moving. 

James Patterson and Kwame Alexander’s Becoming Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay is a young man who would become the world’s greatest boxer – Muhammad Ali – but before his stardom, he was an ordinary child. This book tells the moving story of a young man who was like every other child but would become an ultimate hero in the eyes of the world. 

Weird Little Robots by Caroline Crimi

Two girls with a passion for science enter the world of robots. When the robots come alive, the girls embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Fourth-graders will love this story as it’s fantastically written and allows children to unleash their creativity. 

Echo Mountain by Lauren Wolk

After the Great Depression, Ellie and her family move to Echo Mountain, but when her father becomes ill, Ellie must learn the mountain’s secrets to save him. This is a touching story of a child that finds her way in life. It combines emotional issues with adventure and balances them well.  

Count Me In by Vasha Barjaj

A poignant story in which a community tries to reject racism. It’s an upbeat story that’s told through the views of two children. It’s a great book for fourth-graders and quite appropriate for today’s society.

Nightsong by Ari Berk

Chiro is a bat, and his mother sends him out for the first time at night. As Chiro sets out on his adventure, he learns to get back home, he must have good sense. This is a touching story and is a perfect picture book for fourth-graders too. 

Front Desk series by Kelly Yang

Mia Tang lives with her parents in a motel. She is the daughter of immigrants with big dreams. Her parents help fellow immigrant families and work in the motel. This collection of stories is moving and interesting to read too. 

Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Four children – all from different backgrounds – are chosen for the track team. Each has their personalities, and they clash a lot, but all have the same goal – to qualify for the Junior Olympics. They want to prove themselves but must learn to work together to succeed. This is an excellent and well-written story that children will enjoy. 

City Spies series by James Ponti

This spy series is entertaining and intriguing and created by the award-winner James Ponti. His stories are fascinating and will appeal to children of all ages. 

Crossover series by Kwame Alexander

Josh and Jordan Bell are basketball stars with problems on and off the court. The twins must learn to deal with family, basketball, homework, and even first crushes. These stories bring an interesting prospect to modern life and are perfect for fourth-graders. 

Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter is nine. He has a little brother called Fudge and these tales focus on their lives and adventures. Students will love these stories because they’re moving and extremely versatile too. 

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

This story combines whodunit and sci-fi but is extremely fun. Fourth-graders will love it because it gets the mind working. You could even encourage your students to guess who the culprit is. 

Jacqueline Kelly’s The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Calpurnia has six brothers and lives with her grandfather in 1899. The 11-year-old is curious about the world so set out to find out all she can about life. This takes students back to a golden era of time that was so unlike the world today. It’s interesting and entertaining. 

Nic Stone’s Shuri: A Black Panther Novel

Students who love Marvel will love this book. It focuses on the adventures of Black Panther’s younger sister Shuri. It’s a fantastic story with a lot of heart. 

I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis

These fictional historical adventure stories are fun and add a sense of drama to storytime. It’s a fantastic collection of stories fourth-graders will love. 

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Introduce your students to poetry. Here, you have a collection of fantastic poems that focus on the author, Jaqueline Woodson, and her experiences in 1960 and 1970 New York and South Carolina. It’s very touching, and the personal elements hit home but in the most delicate way. 

Gold Rush Girl by Avi

Tory wants to stay with her father, so she becomes a stowaway on his ship in 1848. It’s a fun historical adventure that fourth-graders will love. It has a great plot and keeps readers enthralled about what will happen next. 

Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill

Kate and Rufus are sixth graders and plot to become millionaires by selling toothpaste. It’s a fun story that brings potential real-life problems to the plot. It’ll encourage students to problem-solve and expand their minds too. This is a great story to enjoy. 

Mañanaland by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Students will adore this fantasy novel. It focuses on a young man’s quest into dangerous territory. It’s a story every fourth grader will love and is thought-provoking as well. 

Alice Dalgliesh’s The Bears of Hemlock Mountain

Hemlock Mountain doesn’t have bears, or so a young man was told. As he grows up, however, he begins to take an interest in the mountain and finds the tales he knew aren’t true. It’s a moving story that opens the minds of fourth-graders.  

Find the Best Books for Fourth-graders

It’s crucial to find books that are suitable for fourth-graders. You want stories that are easy to read, moving, and get the creativity flowing. The books above are only a few stories to read or encourage your students to read; there are many more to consider. Reading is such a crucial element of education and whether you’re a parent or teacher, should actively encourage them to pick up a book. 

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