20 Brilliant Binder Clip Hacks All Teachers Need to Try

1. Cable Management: Use binder clips to organize and secure cables on your desk or computer.

2. Bookmarks: Attach a small binder clip to the edge of a page to mark your spot in a book.

3. Phone Stand: Create a makeshift phone stand by bending a binder clip and placing your phone in the clip.

4. Cord Organizer: Wind up and store your earphones or charging cables neatly with a binder clip.

5. Pencil Holder: Secure a binder clip to the edge of your desk and use it to hold your pens and pencils.

6. DIY Whiteboard Eraser: Attach a piece of microfiber cloth to a binder clip and use it as an eraser for your whiteboard.

7. Picture Frame: Clip a photo or art print into a binder clip and use it as a unique picture frame.

8. DIY Chip Clip: Keep your snacks fresh by using binder clips to seal bags.

9. Monitor Clip: Use a binder clip to secure notes or reminders to the edge of your computer monitor.

10. Paper Organizer: Clip together loose papers or documents to keep them organized.

11. Cable Holder: Use binder clips to keep your headphone or USB cables from tangling.

12. Desk Organizer: Attach binder clips to the edge of your desk to hold notes, memos, or important documents.

13. Recipe Holder: Keep your recipes in place by clipping them onto a binder clip and setting it upright on your kitchen counter.

14. Hair Tie Holder: Attach a binder clip to your bathroom wall or mirror and use it to store your hair ties.

15. Tablet Holder: Use binder clips to create a stable stand for your tablet or iPad.

16. Bag Clip: Clip the open end of a snack or food bag to keep it sealed and fresh.

17. Hanging Clips: Hang lightweight items, such as keys or notes, by attaching them to binder clips and hanging them on hooks or racks.

18. Art Supply Organizer: Keep your art supplies, such as paintbrushes or markers, organized by using binder clips to hold them together.

19. Recipe Book Stand: Clip a recipe book open to the page you need with binder clips and set it upright on your kitchen counter.

20. Wrapping Paper Holder: Secure rolls of wrapping paper by clipping binder clips around them to prevent unraveling.

These 20 brilliant binder clip hacks will make any teacher’s life easier and more organized. Try them out and see the difference they can make in your classroom or everyday life!

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