20 Colorful and Creative Density Experiments for Kids!

Density is a key factor in many physical and chemical reactions. Kids can explore this concept through a variety of fun experiments.

1. What’s The Heavier Liquid?

Understanding the concept of density in all its forms, helps to start with liquids we can easily differentiate. This fun experiment uses a glass of water, vegetable oil, food coloring, and salt.

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2. The Floating Orange

Here is a simple science experiment that teaches an important lesson about density. Grab 2 oranges, peel one and leave the skin on the other. Fill 2 glasses with water and put each orange in a cup. Watch your kid’s eyes get huge as they see the peeled orange sink and the unpeeled orange float!

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3. Burning Candle Density Experiment

Carbon dioxide has a higher density than air, so for this cool density experiment, you’ll want to have 3 candle sticks that are different lengths. Place them close together and light their wicks, then cover all 3 with a small glass container. Notice how the shortest candles go out first!

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4. Liquid Rainbow of Density!

For this density demonstration, you’ll have to prepare some liquids from your kitchen and bathroom. The liquids make distinct layers in the clear jar due to their various levels of density.

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5. Density-Inspired Sensory Bottles

Before you start this fun science experiment, explain the steps to your kids and help them come up with some questions and hypotheses about what they think will happen. Using 2 clear individual containers, fill one with water and one with corn syrup and leave some space for air, then add a few dense objects like buttons or rubber balls. How do the objects move in each liquid?

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