20 Dinner Games to Elevate Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to bring together friends and family for delicious food, engaging conversations, and lasting memories. To take your next dinner party to a whole new level, why not add some fun and interactive dinner games? Here is a list of 20 dinner games that will keep everyone entertained and make your evening even more enjoyable.

1. Two Truths and a Lie: Each person shares two true statements about themselves and one false one. Others have to guess which one is the lie.

2. Never Have I Ever: Go around the table, with each person sharing something they’ve never done before. If anyone has done it, they take a sip of their drink.

3. Who Am I?: Place name tags on each guest’s back with the name of a famous person or character. Guests must ask yes or no questions to figure out their identity.

4. The Alphabet Game: Starting with “A,” guests take turns naming items at a grocery store in alphabetical order.

5. Charades: Divide guests into teams and act out words or phrases without speaking–others must guess what it is.

6. Trivia Night: Create trivia question cards based on popular topics like movies, history, or general knowledge.

7. Pictionary: Guests draw pictures related to a given word or phrase while others guess what they’re trying to convey.

8. Who’s the Storyteller?: One guest shares a story from their life—true or fictional—while others try to determine if it’s real or made up.

9. Some Questions Game: Guests are given a list of interesting questions (philosophical, personal, or humorous) to spark meaningful conversations during dinner.

10. Name That Tune: Play snippets of popular songs for guests to identify the title and/or artist.

11. Chef Challenge: Prioritize creativity as guests compete in cooking various courses of the meal.

12. Guess the Spice: Blindfolded guests must identify different spices by their scent.

13. Wine Tasting Challenge: Conduct a blind wine tasting, where guests try to identify the type and origin of various wines.

14. Table Topics: Place conversation starter cards on the dinner table to encourage engaging discussions and icebreakers.

15. The Great Debate: Assign controversial topics to debate, with guests taking turns defending and opposing sides.

16. Pass the Story: One guest starts by whispering a sentence of a story to the next person, who then adds their own sentence and passes it on–the final person shares the completed story with everyone.

17. Would You Rather: Pose hypothetical questions prompting guests to choose between two options, often leading to fascinating debates.

18. Sip, Swap, or Stand: Each guest brings a dish from home in a covered container. Guests can “sip” (taste), “swap” (exchange for another dish), or “stand” (keep what they originally brought).

19. Silent Dinner: Encourage non-verbal communication as guests communicate using gestures, facial expressions, or written notes.

20. 20 Questions: One guest thinks of an item (person, animal, object) while others ask yes-or-no questions within 20 turns to guess what it is.

Incorporating these fun and interactive dinner games will surely elevate your next dinner party and keep your guests entertained long after dessert has been served!

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