20 Facts About Gun Violence And School Shootings

In recent years, gun violence and school shootings have become an increasingly prevalent issue in the United States. Despite several attempts to bring a halt to this atrocious phenomenon, it continues to persist. With every shooting, innocent lives are lost, and the psychological impact on survivors and families is devastating. Here are 20 facts about gun violence and school shootings:

1. The US has an alarming rate of gun violence. Every year, more than 30,000 people are killed by gun violence.

2. The US is one of the few countries where people have the right to bear arms. According to a survey by Small Arms Survey, Americans possess more than 393 million firearms.

3. One significant contributor to gun violence is the availability of firearms. In over 80 percent of school shootings, the perpetrator obtained the weapon from a family member or relative.

4. There have been more than 300 school shootings in America since 2013 alone.

5. Guns are the primary method of homicide in the US among individuals aged 15-24.

6. Research has shown that states with stricter gun control laws experience fewer gun-related deaths.

7. Eighty-six percent of Americans favor background checks before the sale of a firearm.

8. Guns are responsible for seven out of ten homicides in the US. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, 100 Americans are killed by guns every day.

9. The rate of school shootings in America is higher than in any other developed country.

10. The rate of mass shootings (four or more fatalities) has increased over the past few decades.

11. The presence of armed guards in schools has not been an effective solution to prevent shootings. In 2019, 12 individuals were killed in a shooting at a California school that had recently installed metal detectors and an armed guard.

12. According to a report by Johns Hopkins University, collective trauma caused by gun violence can severely impact the emotional and psychological well-being of school students.

13. Most school shootings occur during class hours, and around 85 percent of the victims are students.

14. Less than half of the states in the US have passed laws that require gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms.

15. In most mass shootings, the shooter bought or possessed the gun legally.

16. Mental illness is not the primary cause of mass shootings. However, it does contribute to some violent incidents.

17. Black Americans are ten times more likely to die by gun homicide than white Americans.

18. Around 75 percent of domestic violence-related deaths occur with a firearm.

19. After a mass shooting in Australia in 1996, the government passed strict gun laws, resulting in a significant drop in gun homicides and suicides.

20. Majority of Americans support bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which are commonly used in mass shootings.

These facts demonstrate the gravity of gun violence and mass shootings in the US. It is essential for lawmakers to pass stricter gun control laws to prevent further loss of lives. In addition, implementing preventive measures like early intervention programs, mental health resources, and community-based interventions can also prove successful in combating this issue. Finally, individuals can also take steps to prevent gun violence by securely storing firearms, reporting lost or stolen firearms, and attending safe firearm training programs.    

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