20 Fantasy Books for Kids

Fantasy books for kids captivate readers and keep them interested, whether they show young people embarking on grand expeditions, discovering extraordinary abilities, making friends with magical creatures, or becoming sucked into mythological tales. The publishing industry has flourished in recent years with various exciting fantasy possibilities for readers in elementary and middle schools. This list is for you if you’re trying to expand your selection of middle-grade fantasy books (in addition to timeless favorites like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Land of Stories, of course). 

  1. Upside-Down Magicseries by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins

This series is a must-try for kids who adore the idea of Hogwarts but aren’t yet ready to read about Harry and his friends independently. The Dunwiddle Magic School’s Upside-Down Magic pupils have to deal with the unforeseen effects of their occasionally “wonky” magic. We appreciate how this series delicately addresses difficulties associated with having different abilities in addition to its high kid-approval rating.

  1. Dragons in a Bag  series by Zetta Elliot

As instructors try to increase representation in their school libraries, urban fantasy is a crucial subgenre. Watch as Jax tries to take care of some (quickly developing!) baby dragons with a varied Brooklyn cast!

  1. Magical Reality of Nadia by Bassem Youssef and Catherine R. Daly

Identity, discrimination, bullying, friendship, and magic are just a few of the issues that are eloquently addressed in this new series’ premiere. Nadia discovers an old Egyptian tutor ready to impart his knowledge when her memento from Egypt comes to life.

  1. The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone by Jaclyn Moriarty

Bronte Mettlestone’s parents are killed by pirates, and their instructions for their daughter in the case of their deaths are…unusual. Each chapter describes an exciting, riddle-filled voyage to send a gift to one of Bronte’s several aunts.

  1. The Year I Flew Away by Marie Arnold

This magical realist immigration tale is unlike other children’s fantasy books. When Gabrielle relocates from Haiti to New York City, she only wants to blend in. The conditions seem worth it when a witch grants her three wishes to assist in achieving that.

  1. Ghost Squad by Claribel A. Ortega

This work is praised by reviewers as being “spooky with feelings.” It’s a brand-new Ghostbusters tale with a nod to Dominican folklore. To protect their village from evil spirits, two companions must cooperate.

  1. The Cryptid Duology by Lija Fisher

Clivo doesn’t fully understand the nature of his father’s occupation until after his death when he is left to continue his father’s work as a cryptid catcher who hunts down elusive monsters. Kids will be interested in this two-part series since it is fast-paced and distinctive.

  1. Dactyl Hill Squad by Daniel José Older

Dinosaurs walk the streets of New York during the Civil War while troops riding raptors engage in combat in the South. Magdalys Roca and her team from the Colored Orphan Asylum must be brave and shrewd as they attempt to save their comrades who have been kidnapped by a bad magistrate among these surprising scenes. Kids’ imaginations will be piqued by this imaginative reinterpretation of American history.

  1. Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier

Young orphan Nan learns she isn’t alone when she wakes up from a terrifying chimney fire. She is now accompanied by a golem, a creature created from soot and ash. A captivating historical fantasy.

  1. Amari and the Night Brothers (Supernatural Investigations, 1) by B.B. Alston

Amari is now our favorite typical child who also happens to be magical! This first installment of the series incorporates a lot of magical adventures with social themes like privilege and bigotry.

  1. The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman

This book is for you if you adore The Chronicles of Narnia but are seeking something else. Talking animals, magical railroad tracks, and British charm abound in this tale.

  1. Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez

While summoning deceased relatives and experimenting with time and space, Sal and Gabi handle relatable friendship dilemmas and truly bring the Miami Cuban community to life. This series is a part of the Rick Riordan Presents series, which champions children’s fantasy stories written by authors with various perspectives and cultural influences. You should look at the entire collection.

  1. Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend

Many fans have connected the popular character Morrigan Crow to Harry Potter. She accepts the opportunity to travel to a magical land and alter her destiny despite being the underdog and does it with bravery and wit. A lot of people love audiobooks as well.

  1. Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series by Sayantani DasGupta

Indian stories told to Kiranmala by her parents as a child had never occurred to her as one did on her twelfth birthday in her home. She soon finds herself involved in a quest beyond her highest imaginings.

  1. Root Magic by Eden Royce

Jezebel, a.k.a. Turner, discovers that the “rootwork” tradition of African American folk magic has more than she initially assumed. This gripping tale, set in the South during the Jim Crow era, skillfully blends magical realism with a wealth of insightful historical context.

  1. The Fowl Twins series by Eoin Colfer

The twin younger brothers of Artemis are the stars of this Artemis Fowl series splinter. It’s exactly as intelligent, humorous and easy to read as the original novels!

  1. A Tale of Magic series by Chris Colfer

This offshoot will satisfy children who are obsessed with the renowned Land of Stories books. Or, consider it a prelude to the first season of the show. In either case, there is much fantastical wonder and sinister turns.

  1. A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat

The strong social injustice themes in this fantasy Les Misérables-inspired tale are deeply rooted in Thai society. It’s a fantastic book club selection.

  1. Time Villains by Victor Piñeiro

Kids will adore the history, humor, pirates, and action in this first episode. How can Javi, his best friend, and his sister send Blackbeard the Pirate back to where he belongs when a magic table delivers him to a modern-day dinner party?

  1. The Overthrow series by Kenneth Oppel

Not for the weak-hearted! These tales of toxic carnivorous plants, enormous insects and aliens—as well as the brave young pals at the center of it all—are beloved by those who prefer the creepier side of children’s fantasy literature.

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