20 Favorite Things From Readers This Week

1. Introduction

This week, we asked our readers to share their favorite trending items and experiences from the past seven days. We received a diverse collection of responses and have compiled the top 20 below for you to enjoy!

2. The Latest Streaming Sensation

A new show on a popular streaming platform captured our readers’ attention, with many binge-watching this suspenseful drama throughout the week.

3. A Nostalgic Toy Comeback

The resurgence of a famous 90s toy delighted our readers, triggering memories and creating new ones.

4. Virtual Art Gallery

Many of you enjoyed exploring famous artworks from around the world through a user-friendly virtual gallery.

5. Mobile App Treasure Hunt

A mobile app-based treasure hunt has captivated our readers, providing a fun outdoor activity during social distancing times.

6. Comfort Food Recipes

Elevated comfort food recipes made the rounds, showcasing creative takes on classic dishes for at-home chefs to enjoy.

7. Atmospheric Music Playlists

Curated playlists with atmospheric tunes have been perfect accompaniments for work or relaxation, according to our readers.

8. Motivational Book Bestsellers

Uplifting reads have been popular at bookstores, providing insight and motivation for personal growth journeys.

9. Pet Adoption Stories

Heartwarming pet adoption stories brought smiles and happy tears to readers who couldn’t get enough of these adorable animal companions.

10. High-Tech Wearable Fitness Gadgets

Fitness enthusiasts enjoyed keeping tabs on their progress with advanced wearable devices that measure performance data in real-time.

11. Sustainability Focus on Eco-Apps

Readers praised eco-focused apps that make it easier to live responsibly, from tracking carbon footprints to finding sustainable products.

12. Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

The practice of mindfulness was embraced by many to find calm amidst turbulent times, using relaxing meditation techniques provided by various sources.

13. Virtual Reality Workouts

Highly interactive virtual reality workout programs redefined fitness routines for many of you, transforming exercise sessions into immersive experiences.

14. Outdoor Cooking Gadgets

Grilling enthusiasts enjoyed new outdoor cooking gadgets to elevate their culinary game during barbecue season.

15. Instagram Live Concerts

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, delivered intimate live performances from popular musicians, thrilling their home-bound fans.

16. Weekly Writing Prompts

Aspiring authors loved engaging with weekly writing prompts provided by a featured writing community online.

17. Community-Supported Agriculture Boxes (CSA)

Local food lovers praised the variety and quality of fresh produce found in their Community-Supported Agriculture boxes.

18. Customizable Skincare Routines

Unique skincare formulas that users customize based on individual needs have been a hit among skincare enthusiasts, optimizing routines for maximum results.

19. DIY Home Improvement Projects

Quarantine creativity sparked numerous home improvement projects, with readers sharing their favorite remodeling and decorating endeavors.

20. Scenic Local Hiking Trails

Exploring local hiking trails has been a satisfying way to connect with nature for many readers looking for an escape close to home.


This week’s top 20 has something for everyone, representing a variety of interests and passions held by our diverse readership. We hope you find inspiration in this list and discover something new to add to your own personal favorites!

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