20 Fun Activities and Places to Do and Go in Dallas with A Teenager

Do you want to have a good time in Dallas with your teenagers?

Teenagers at home could be a difficult demographic to win over.

However, you can be sure that you’ll find enough attractions to keep kids entertained in Dallas’s vibrant and stylish city.

And by spotlighting the top Dallas attractions that teens love, we’re helping you plan a fantastic family vacation.

Even the hardest-to-impress youngsters will be impressed by our list, which features everything from Instagrammable landscapes to stylish eateries.

  1. Dallas Arboretum — Casa View

Be fascinated by Dallas Arboretum’s Instagrammable flower delights,

Why We Recommend This Place

Visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens to start your family trip off right.

This Dallas tourist destination is a haven for teenagers looking to enhance their Instagram and TikTok game, thanks to its magnificent blossoms and meticulously maintained gardens.

Thanks to its year-round special events, the Dallas Arboretum is one of the top things to do in Dallas with kids.

Expert Tip

To avoid paying the total price for parking, purchase it in advance online. Visit A Tasteful Place, the arboretum’s new herb and vegetable garden, for some free food.

  1. Bowl & Barrel — Lake Highlands

One of America’s favorite indoor games gets a unique twist with Bowl & Barrel.

Why We Recommend This Place

Are you looking for entertaining indoor activities in Dallas, Texas?

Why not give bowling a shot at Bowl & Barrel?

Contrary to most traditional, stench-filled, and run-down bowling alleys, this one is breathtakingly gorgeous, posh, and fashionable.

It even offers a gourmet menu appropriate for patrons of all ages.

Expert Tip

Try their cheese plate and Greek turkey sandwich, please.

You can count on your kids to like the flavor and presentation of these culinary treats.

  1. Steel City Pops — North Dallas

Steel City Pops is a juicy and delicious way to beat the Texas heat.

Why We Recommend This Place

Treat your teen to some delicious and decadent snacks at Steel City Pop to satisfy their sweet craving.

This popsicle paradise provides a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors, from pineapple jalapeno to raspberry lemonade.

Check out their avocado, Arnold Palmer, strawberry, peach, and hibiscus flavors for a delightful experience.

Expert Tip

You can dip and sprinkle your popsicles with various toppings for a modest additional charge.

Also, there are many restaurants around Steel City Pops.

There won’t be any trouble finding a filling and delicious supper here.

  1. Breadwinners Cafe — Uptown Dallas

Even depressed teenagers will be drawn in by Breadwinners’ aesthetics and brunch delicacies.

Why We Recommend This Place

Breadwinners are one of the cool spots close to you for tasty and Instagram-worthy brunch fare.

Your taste senses will be satisfied in various ways at the cafe, including tacos, zucchini bread, and cinnamon rolls.

Not to add that the relaxed cafe has a nice aesthetic and emanates a stylish, contemporary vibe.

Expert Tip

A variety of baked goods are available from Breadwinners.

But if we had to choose only one, it would be the banana nut bread.

Your teenager’s mood will be lifted by its delicious flavor.

  1. White Rock Lake — Lake Highlands

White Rock Lake provides a short and revitalizing nature vacation without needing to leave Dallas municipal boundaries.

Why We Recommend This Place

Without White Rock Lake, no list of the top things to do in Dallas with teens is complete.

This 1,015-acre reservoir has a lovely park with miles of jogging, bicycling, and walking pathways, making it perfect for energetic and outdoorsy teenagers.

Additionally, it provides many chances for kayaking, sailing, picnics, fishing, and other recreational pursuits.

Expert Tip

The Bath House Cultural Center is worth a visit.

This multipurpose building was built in 1930 and housed a theater, a gallery, and a museum.

You’ll witness fantastic artwork and displays describing the city’s history when you visit this center.

  1. Dolly Python — Uptown Dallas

At this wonderful antique shop, take advantage of enormous discounts on chic vintage stuff.

Why We Recommend This Place

Want to score one-of-a-kind antiques and retro knickknacks?

I recommend visiting Dolly Python.

This hip and unique vintage clothes shop offers curiosities, antiques, and a vast range of previously owned cowboy hats.

Expert Tip

Parents should take some time to browse the sections for men and women.

These categories provide fantastic discounts on various daily things, including shirts and coasters.

  1. Summit — Lake Highlands

You can lose a lot of extra weight at the Summit fun and excitingly.

Why We Recommend This Place

Summit is a great pit stop for parents searching for thrilling activities for teenagers in Dallas.

This indoor gym, well-known for its bouldering and TRX classes, has many heart-pounding activities for kids and adults.

Joining the center’s yoga sessions could help your teenagers uncover their inner serenity if they aren’t in the mood for heart-pounding thrills.

Expert Tip

Think about purchasing a day pass.

You’ll have access to the center’s classes, including equipment rental costs.

Purchasing this pass won’t be regrettable if you intend to stay there the entire day here.

  1. Studio Movie Grill — Preston Hollow

Take in a unique cinematic experience at Studio Movie Grill.

Why We Recommend This Place

Studio Movie Grill offers a unique and hearty way to enjoy the most recent movie releases.

Studio Movie, unlike your regular movie theater, blends the newest movies with distinctive drinks, freshly cooked cuisine, and excellent restaurant service throughout the film.

Simply pressing a button will summon a server to your table to take your order.

It’s an excellent method to take advantage of their service while watching the movie with little disruption.

Expert Tip

Are you looking for a better selection of foods?

Put away the popcorn and other oily foods.

Instead, choose one of the cinema’s flatbreads or other healthier selections.

  1. Dallas World Aquarium — Downtown

Dallas World Aquarium has a ton of adorable species, from cuddly sloths to sharks.

Why We Recommend This Place

Are you taking a trip with a teen who enjoys animals?

Why not explore the Dallas World Aquarium for a few hours?

Amazingly, this aquarium museum has a lot more exhibits than just fish.

Sloths, sharks, manatees, flamingos, and many other cute animals are discussed.

Expert Tip

Visit their official website to learn more about the aquarium’s special shows and feedings.

Also, keep in mind how well-liked the feedings of the manatees and penguins are.

Therefore, arrive early to secure a prime viewing location – at least 15 minutes.

  1. Galleria Dallas — Far North Dallas

An excellent formula for a fun urban vacation with teens, Galleria Dallas, offers plenty of options for ice skating and shopping.

Why We Recommend This Place

Want to get away from Dallas’ oppressive heat?

Then, even in the middle of spring or summer, go to Galleria’s ice skating rink to enjoy a traditional winter pastime.

Then, finish your trip to the Galleria Dallas with some retail therapy.

Alternatively, you can satisfy your rumbling tummies at many restaurants the mall offers.

Expert Tip

Visitors and shoppers who have traveled more than 50 miles to the mall will receive a VIP Privilege Card with deals and discounts.

Simply present a legitimate ID with a photo at the level 1 Guest Reception Center to obtain this card.

  1. Northaven Trail — Preston Hollow

Utilize the Northaven Trail’s concrete walkways to stay in shape and look great while on a family vacation in Dallas.

Why We Recommend This Place

Despite being just a few years old, Dallas’ Northaven Trail is quickly becoming a local favorite for cyclists and hikers.

With little pockets of wilderness and gorgeous landscapes, it’s a great way to burn calories when on vacation with kids or teenagers in Dallas.

Additionally, there are conveniences along the route to enhance your riding or walking experience.

Anyone looking for inexpensive summer activities for teens will enjoy them because it costs nothing.

Expert Tip

Family-friendly runs are one of the events held at Northaven Trail.

See if your gang may attend these activities by visiting their website.

  1. The Sixth Floor Museum — Downtown

This exhibit has intriguing tidbits of facts about JFK, whether your kid is a conspiracy theorist or a history buff.

Why We Recommend This Place

In Dallas, The Sixth Floor Museum offers educational experiences.

The museum explores the life and assassination of the late President JFK through various displays.

Ironically, the exhibit is located in the same structure as the gunshot that horrified the world, fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Expert Tip

Take a beautiful stroll along the grassy knoll outside the museum to cap off your trip.

  1. Buzzbrews — Deep Ellum

At Buzzbrews, you may get your breakfast or Tex-Mex fix.

Why We Recommend This Place

Teens who yearn for breakfast might visit Buzzbrews, a trendy restaurant.

This cafe is open around-the-clock and always provides savory morning fare.

Furthermore, although housed in a historic structure, kids find it rather appealing due to the modern artwork and furnishings.

Expert Tip

You must try the Bluto Crepe here.

It feels magical as soon as it enters your mouth.

This delicious recipe will delight your adolescents because it is loaded with cheese, chorizo, and bacon.

  1. Texas Discovery Gardens — South Dallas

It not only provides educational opportunities, but it is also brimming with breathtaking natural beauty.

Why We Recommend This Place

A visit to Texas Discovery Gardens is undoubtedly one of the top winter activities in Dallas to do with a teenager.

This 7.5-acre botanic garden offers a wealth of native and adaptable plants and is open all year.

This garden also features an insectarium that will take youtube to a stunning tropical rainforest filled with many butterflies.

The garden also offers free family events and educational activities.

Expert Tip

Every Tuesday, the gardens are accessible to the general public.

Likewise, all American Horticultural Society members are entitled to free admittance.

  1. Nasher Sculpture Gallery — Arts District

The Nasher Sculpture Gallery houses some of the most imposing sculptures in existence.

Why We Recommend This Place

Visit the Nasher Sculpture Gallery to give your teen’s Instagram account more color, life, and art.

This gallery, which has one of the best collections of contemporary sculpture in the world, astounds visitors with its stunning works by masters like Picasso and Rodin.

Additionally, there is a 1.4-acre garden with magnificent works by well-known artists like Mark di Suvero.

Expert Tip

The gallery is open for free on the first Saturday of each month.

Similarly, access to the sculpture garden is accessible throughout the day.

  1. Reunion Tower — Stemmons Corridor

One of our favorite teen-friendly activities in Dallas is visiting Reunion Tower, which offers breathtaking vistas.

Why We Recommend This Place

This well-known observation tower, which rises to a height of 561 feet, will dazzle your teen with its breathtaking panoramic views.

After admiring the breathtaking views, you may indulge in delicious treats at Cloud Nine Cafe.

Expert Tip

You can visit the observation platform during the day and come back at night to witness the sparkling city lights for a small additional cost.

  1. Top Golf — Lake Highlands

At Top Golf, you can relax and work on your swing simultaneously.

Why We Recommend This Place

No golfing facility compares to Top Golf.

It boasts a top-notch driving range, golf facilities, and a stylish lounge with entertainment and beverages.

If you wish to improve your teen’s game, there are also programs run by real pros.

Expert Tip

They have incredible injected donut holes.

Both children and adults will enjoy indulging in this delicious delicacy.

  1. Dallas Farmers Market — Arts District

Families are drawn to Dallas Farmers Market by its artisanal cuisine, unique stores, and entertaining events.

Why We Recommend This Place

One of the biggest markets in Texas is unquestionably the Dallas Farmers Market.

Over 100 merchants provide naturally raised meats, honey, eggs, cheese, and seasonal veggies in an outdoor pavilion.

It also boosts a sizable interior area with everything from unique stores to handmade food.

The mall offers a variety of things for teens to enjoy in addition to dining and shopping, such as yoga sessions and live music performances.

Expert Tip

Visit Roomie’s Ice Cream for some of the best-frozen delights in the area.

  1. Klyde Warren Park — Arts District

There is always something intriguing and enjoyable to do at Klyde Warren Park, no matter what month you visit.

Why We Recommend This Place

Klyde Warren Park offers various activities and events, from outdoor yoga to concerts.

Even better, most of the park’s attractions are available at the universally popular free price.

You can also discover delicious snacks your kids will like at some food trucks.

The park is also an excellent location for photos, with the Dallas skyline in the background.

Expert Tip

Off McKinney Avenue, there is free parking accessible in the West Village.

Take the complimentary M-Line trolley from there to go to the park.

  1. Wild Bill’s Western Store — Downtown

Do you want to take your adolescents on a unique shopping adventure?

On your list of things to do in Dallas with a teenager, you might want to add a visit to Wild Bill’s.

Why We Recommend This Place

Dallas’ Wild Bill’s Western Store offers a fun, somewhat Texas-like shopping experience.

This well-known establishment, a pillar in the city center, has been delivering genuine western gear to many famous people.

A few well-known individuals that have donned their western attire include Mick Jagger, Elton John, and the Dallas TV ensemble.

The shop offers a large selection of genuine western items, including bolo ties, cowboy ties, buckles, and handcrafted boots.

Expert Tip

Check out the colorful and whimsical mementos.

Additionally, the shop provides free beer to adults.


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