20 Fun, Family-Themed Activities for Preschool!


Engaging in family-themed activities is a great way to foster strong relationships and create lasting memories with your preschoolers. Here are 20 fun, family-oriented activities perfect for preschoolers that will help encourage learning, bonding, and creativity.

1. Family Tree Craft: Create a simple family tree by tracing leaves and gluing them on a poster board or large sheet of paper. Label each leaf with a family member’s name.

2. Family Memory Game: Make a simple memory game by printing out two copies of family photos and taping them onto playing cards. Mix the cards up and take turns trying to find matching pairs.

3. Family Photo Collage: Gather family pictures, magazines, glue, and scissors to create a unique collage displaying your favorite moments together.

4. DIY Storytime: Encourage your preschoolers to tell stories using their toys or stuffed animals as characters.

5. Family Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt that involves tasks like finding items around the house or outside that represent different family members.

6. Outdoor Picnic: Prepare a picnic and head to the park as a family. Enjoy the fresh air, play games, and take some memorable pictures.

7. Family Dance Party: Turn up the music and enjoy dancing with your preschooler, helping them explore movement and expression through dance.

8. Cooking together: Cook simple dishes like sandwiches or cookies together in the kitchen, encouraging teamwork, creativity, and responsibility.

9. Movie Night: Choose a favorite family-oriented movie and enjoy watching it together with popcorn or other treats.

10. Nature Walk: Take a walk outside and observe nature together, discussing what you see from trees to bugs while encouraging curiosity about the world around them.

11. Visit the Library: Discover new books as a family at your local library, taking turns selecting titles for each other to read.

12. Puppet Show: Create and perform a puppet show together using socks or paper bags, or even cutouts from magazines.

13. Family Workout: Engage in a simple workout, going through different exercises and movements that help promote overall health and well-being.

14. Theme Day: Select a theme together, like dinosaurs or pirates, and do activities throughout the day related to the chosen theme.

15. Indoor Camping: Set up a tent indoors, complete with sleeping bags and flashlights, for a fun night of storytelling, games, and bonding.

16. Game Night: Bring out your favorite board games or card games for an evening of friendly competition and family fun.

17. Visit a Museum: Explore your local children’s museum or other age-appropriate exhibitions to encourage learning and curiosity together.

18. Family Poetry Night: Write simple poems together as a family expressing your thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Share them aloud as you celebrate creativity and self-expression.

19. Family Talent Show: Hold a family talent showcase where each member can perform a song, dance, magic trick, or any other talent they’d like to share.

20. Planting Day: Plant flowers or vegetables together in the garden or pots while teaching your preschoolers about nurturing and taking care of living things.


These 20 fun family-themed activities for preschoolers offer creative opportunities for bonding and learning about the world around them. By incorporating these activities into your family routine, you’ll provide memorable experiences that promote strong relationships and personal growth for your young ones.

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