20 Incredibly Fun Invasion Games for Kids


Invasion games are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained and engaged while promoting teamwork, creativity, and strategy. These games can be played indoors or outdoors and cater to different age groups and skill levels. Here’s a list of 20 incredibly fun invasion games that will unleash the excitement and bring endless entertainment to children.

1. Capture the Flag

2. Shark Attack

3. The Hunger Games

4. Steal the Bacon

5. Castle Siege

6. Alien Invaders

7. Treasure Hunters

8. Human Foosball

9. Zombie Tag

10. British Bulldog

11. Snake Pit

12. Airborne Attack

13. SWAT Team Rescue

14. Cops and Robbers

15. Jailbreak

16. King of the Hill

17. Spy Gaming-zone

18. Storming the Castle

19. Territory Wars

20. Warriors vs Wizards


These invasion games provide children with an opportunity to develop essential cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, communication, and collaboration in a fun and engaging environment. Incorporate these games into playtime or use them as party activities for a guaranteed good time!

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