20 Independent Reading Activities for Middle School

Middle school students are in a unique position in their reading journey. They are learning to read for comprehension and for pleasure, but sometimes it can be challenging to find activities to help them become engaged and excited about reading independently. Here are 20 independent reading activities to help middle school students sharpen their reading skills.

1. Reading Logs: Have students keep a reading log to track their progress and their thoughts on the books they are reading.

2. Book Clubs: Have students form small book clubs to read and discuss books together.

3. Reading Challenges: Set reading challenges for the students to help them stretch their reading limits.

4. Reading Bingo: Create a bingo board with fun reading activities and have students complete each one.

5. Book Trailers: Have students create book trailers based on the books they read.

6. Book Reviews: Have students write book reviews as a way to practice their writing and summarizing skills.

7. Reading Races: Create a race to read a book and have the students compete against each other.

8. Reading Quizzes: Create quizzes for each book to test student comprehension.

9. Writing Prompts: Create writing prompts for each book to help students practice their writing skills.

10. Book Reports: Have students summarize and analyze the book in a book report.

11. Book Trivia: Create trivia questions based on the books they are reading.

12. Book Recommendations: Have students create a list of book recommendations for their peers.

13. Reading Relays: Create a relay race in which students have to read certain sections of a book in order to pass the baton.

14. Reading Response Journals: Have students keep a journal to record their thoughts and reactions to the books they are reading.

15. Literary Analysis: Have students practice literary analysis skills to analyze characters and themes in the books they are reading.

16. Reading Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for students to find in the books they are reading.

17. Story Maps: Have students create story maps to help them visualize and analyze the plot of the book.

18. Debate/Discussion: Have students debate or discuss themes or characters from the book.

19. Book Cover Design: Have students design book covers for the books they read.

20. Book Art: Have students create artwork related to the books they read.

These independent reading activities can help middle school students build their reading skills and become better readers. They can also help students become engaged in their reading and excited about their books.

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