20 of the Best Board Games for Kids 6-12

The classroom classics are board games, dice games, and card games. There is a game for everything: cooperation, strategy, numeracy, literacy, subject-matter understanding, and FUN! Here are 20 top board games for primary school classrooms and beyond, ranging from the vintage to the modern. They also make wonderful presents for family gatherings and activities for youngsters to do at home on rainy days.

  1. Blokus

 An adaptation of the original Blokus game (for up to four players), allowing for participation by additional pupils! Get as many of your components onto the table before being stopped by other players.

  1. Problems

This game is so much fun because of the pop-o-matic bubble! To win, move your player across the board first.

  1. Performance

giving a class on anatomy? Time to get the Operation game out! Cavity Students can help Sam feel better even if he is sick.

  1. Monopoly Creator

The traditional Monopoly game with a new twist. In this game, players purchase land and use builders’ blocks to physically stack buildings. It’s an entertaining twist that imparts financial and negotiating abilities.

  1. Battleship 

The traditional coordinates game requires forethought. Both playing and winning are enjoyable! Be the first to capsize the warship of your adversary.

  1. Clue

To solve the mystery in this timeless game, use strategy and deductive reasoning.

  1. Ticket to Ride

A board game AND a geography lesson? I’m in, please! Build your railroad routes across a map of the USA in the 20th century, connecting famous North American cities to score points.

  1. Camelot Junior

With these 48 increasingly challenging riddles, find routes between the queen and the hero. Along with Castle Logix, Three Little Piggies, and Little Red Riding Hood from the same business, this logic game’s built-in adaptability makes it a great addition to the school. Students can complete the series at their own pace, work alone or with peers and check their work.

  1. Rush Hour

Here is another popular logic game that learners can play alone or with other students. We enjoy having this available for children who want an additional challenge.

  1. The clock game

Eeboo’s games and puzzles are known for their eye-catching designs, but this one also gets top marks for efficiency. Educate children on a necessary skill in a fun and interesting way. This ready-made math center may be modified to teach time telling to the hour, half-hour, five minutes, and minute.

  1. Mastermind

This code-making and -breaking game is a favorite for indoor recess or early finishers at work, whether you’ve clung onto a vintage set or want to acquire the current edition with updated colors.

  1. Sorry

Do you have kids who need to be taught how to listen to instructions and handle both success and failure with dignity? Let this time-honored board game serve as a teaching tool.

  1. Hedbanz

The “What am I?” game has a posh variant that is humorous and a speech builder. Use the available cards to review language or other subject matter or create your own.

  1. Streams, Highways, and Railways

You start compiling an expanding map by matching tiles that depict rivers, highways, and railroad tracks. We enjoy putting this out for kids to swing by and play a few plays during a break as a “local game.” It is also a great addition to a map unit.

  1. Rushing Sloth

With this game that rewards players for acting out absurd events with inventiveness, you can give classroom charades some structure and pleasure. It can simply be modified for group play during a class-wide brain break.

  1. Who Am I?

One of our favorites on the list of the best board games for primary schools is this classic game, whose logical reasoning helps students develop their vocabulary and language skills. There are countless ways to modify this game to aid pupils in reviewing curriculum information outside the initial cast of characters. Simply swap out the cards for images that correspond to your curriculum.

  1. Twister Ultimate

This modernized version of the classic group game will have everyone up from their chairs and laughing for an indoor recess or a fitness stop. More youngsters can join in the excitement thanks to the wider play mat.

  1. Top Trumps Card Game

This card game lets students select the statistic that will “trump” opponents to capitalize on children’s love of trading cards. Decks include a wide range of subjects, including geography, Harry Potter, and dogs. Not finding a deck on the subject you want? Kids enjoy building their decks as they become familiar with the game.

  1. Old Mummy

This enhanced version of Old Maid appeals to children with its werewolves, zombies, and other terrifying monsters. Offer it as a Halloween activity area and keep it available all year as a fun indoor recess option.

  1. Tenzi

Tenzi is the ideal arithmetic game for the school, especially for youngsters who enjoy moving quickly because it is simple to learn, modify and extend. Check out some of our other favorites for the classroom with dice.

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