20 Preschool Space Activities That Are Out of This World

For many preschoolers, space is a fascinating concept. Exploring the stars, planets, and galaxies can be a fun and educational experience! To help you bring space activities into your preschool classroom, here are 20 out-of-this-world activities that your little astronauts will love.

1. Create a colorful solar system with paper plates. Paint or draw the planets on paper plates and then hang them up to create a beautiful 3D solar system.

2. Make your own constellation projector. Cut star shapes into an empty paper towel roll and then tape a flashlight to the inside. When you turn the flashlight on, the stars will appear on the wall!

3. Take a virtual tour of the International Space Station. Visit the official NASA website and explore the station with interactive 360-degree images.

4. Play a game of “Space Memory.” Draw pictures of different planets, stars, and other space objects on separate cards. Place them face down and have the students take turns flipping two cards at a time to try and find matching pairs.

5. Put together a rocket ship. Gather empty cardboard boxes and different craft materials to create a personalized rocket ship.

6. Visit the moon with a moon walk activity. Have the students put on their moon boots and “walk” around the room while pretending to be on the moon.

7. Have a space scavenger hunt. Hide pictures of planets, stars, and other space objects around the classroom. The students must find all the items to win the game.

8. Learn about the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies. Have the students use the cookies to represent the different phases of the moon.

9. Make a planet mobile. Cut out felt circles and draw the different planets on them. Then attach them to a string and hang them from the ceiling.

10. Play an astronomy sorting game. Print out different images of stars, planets, and galaxies and have the students sort them into categories.

11. Paint a starry night sky.
Have the students use paint and glitter to recreate the famous painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.

12. Explore the universe with a telescope. Let the students take turns looking through a telescope to get a closer look at the night sky.

13. Create aliens out of clay. Give each student some clay and let them get creative in creating their own alien friend.

14. Use a hula hoop to learn about planets. Place a hula hoop on the ground and have the students stand inside it to represent the sun. Then, have them move to different spots around the room to represent the different planets in our solar system.

15. Make an alien costume. Gather old clothes and craft items to create an alien costume for dress-up.

16. Put together a space rocket. Use empty paper towel rolls, construction paper, and other craft materials to build a rocket ship.

17. Do a space dance. Put on some space-themed music and have the students move around the room like they’re floating in space.

18. Read space-themed books. Visit your local library or online book store to find some fun space-themed books for the students to read.

19. Have a star-gazing party. Bring the students outside to look at the night sky. Point out the different constellations and planets.

20. Make a constellation with glow-in-the-dark stars. Use glow-in-the-dark stars to create your own constellation in the classroom.

These 20 preschool space activities are sure to be a hit with your little astronauts. With a little creativity and imagination, your preschoolers can explore the wonders of space and have fun in the process!

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