20 Retro School Supplies Every ’70s and ’80s Kid Loved

Nostalgia is a powerful force in many aspects of life, and our school memories are no exception. In the spirited eras of the 1970s and 1980s, school supplies not only had a practical purpose but also encapsulated the colorful pop culture of the time. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit 20 retro school supplies that every ’70s and ’80s kid undoubtedly cherished.

1. Trapper Keepers – The go-to organizational accessory for every school-going child, Trapper Keepers featured attractive designs and held all your folders, papers, and notes in one place.

2. Smelly Stickers – Mmm, the classic scented stickers of fruits or chocolates that made any assignment more enjoyable.

3. Pencil Boxes with Sliding Lids – A staple for young students looking to keep their pencils, erasers, and sharpeners all in one convenient place.

4. Pee-Chee Folders – Colored cardstock folders that provided endless doodling opportunities on its sports-themed background.

5. The Big Red Calculator – Whether it was for math class or keeping track of your budget at the campus store, this giant red calculator was essential.

6. Erasable Pens – These pens allowed us to erase mistakes while enjoying the novelty of ink over pencil.

7. Milky Gel Pens – With a variety of pastel shades, these bright gel pens added vibrancy to even the most mundane notes.

8. Cabbage Patch Kids Lunch Box – Lunchtime became far more exciting with this adorable lunch box featuring one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch characters.

9. Lisa Frank Stationery – Girls everywhere went wild for these wildly imaginative and vibrant stationery products featuring whimsical animal scenes.

10. Garfield Pencil Top Erasers – A beloved comic character instantly made your pencil more enjoyable to use.

11. Spy Tech Magazine Disguise – Not actual school supplies, but who didn’t have fun hiding their favorite magazine in a fake book cover?

12. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers – Addicted to sniffing fruity scents while creating classroom masterpieces.

13. Slap Bracelets – Technically fashionable accessories, but they somehow managed to always find their way into classrooms.

14. Push Pencils – A convenient alternative to traditional pencils

15. Puffy Rainbow Stickers – Dess up your notebooks with these cute and colorful puffy stickers.

16. The Fisher-Price Desk – First introduced in 1972, this versatile desk provided hours of fun and learning for children everywhere.

17. Handheld Electronic Games – Before smartphones conquered classrooms, games like Simon or Merlin kept students entertained during free time.

18._Micro Machines_ – These tiny toy cars were fascinations enjoyed during recess or lunch breaks.

19. Scratch-and-Sniff Book Covers – Protecting textbooks wasn’t so mundane when book covers smelled like strawberries or grape bubble gum.

20. Snap Bracelets – These had a tendency to make an appearance, although schools soon banned them due to the potential for injury caused by the metal band inside.

These beloved school supplies stood as symbols of our youth and a much simpler time in our lives when seemingly insignificant items brought joy and countless memories. Today’s children may be equipped with more advanced technologies, but the nostalgia of ’70s and ’80s school supplies is an irreplaceable part of our childhood memories.

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