20 Root Word Activities To Improve Student Vocabulary Skills


Vocabulary is an essential component of language development and comprehension. Strengthening students’ understanding of root words can significantly improve their vocabulary skills. By learning the meaning of root words, students can efficiently deconstruct and analyze new words, leading to better reading comprehension and language fluency. Here are 20 engaging root word activities that will help your students develop their vocabulary skills.

1. Root Word Bingo

Create bingo cards with various root words. As you call out the definitions, students mark the corresponding root word on their cards.

2. Flashcards

Create flashcards featuring the root word on one side and its definition on the other. This activity promotes repetition and memorization.

3. Matching Game

Create a set of cards with a root word on one side and its definition on the other. Students then race to match the roots with their meanings.

4. Root Word Puzzles

Provide students with a list of root words and challenge them to create new words by adding prefixes and suffixes.

5. Crossword Puzzle

Design a crossword puzzle using root words as clues and their definitions as answers.

6. Fill in the Blank Sentences

Give students sentences with blanks where they must insert suitable words created from given root words.

7. Root Word Tree

Have students create a tree diagram showing the root word, its definition, and related words branching off from it.

8. Journal Writing

Encourage students to include newly-learned root words in their daily journal writing activities.

9. Root Word Definition Collage

Students find images representing different concepts in a particular root word and create a collageto visually represent its meaning.

10. Break It Down

Teach students to break down unfamiliar words into their component parts (root, prefix, suffix) toanalyze meanings effectively.

11. Charades or Pictionary

Students act out or draw representations of the meanings of root words, while their peers guessthe root word.

12. Root Word Jeopardy

Create a Jeopardy-style game using root words as categories and definitions as dollar valuequestions.

13. Concentration/Memory Game

Create pairs of cards featuring matching root words and definitions, then have students find thepairs by turning over cards in a grid.

14. Create a Root Word Dictionary

Students compile a personal dictionary featuring all the root words they’ve learned, along withtheir definitions and examples.

15. Root Word Music

Challenge students to write and perform songs or raps incorporating learned root words and theirmeanings.

16. Group Storytelling

Assign each student a set of root words to incorporate into a collaborative group story, promotingunderstanding and usage.

17. Word Sorts

Separate students into groups to categorize various words based on shared common roots,prefixes, or suffixes.

18. Root Word Races

Have students list as many words containing a specific root as possible within an allotted time.

19. Morpheme Mural

Create a large display showcasing different root words alongside their associated prefixes,suffixes, and meanings for reference during class activities.

20. Comic Strips

Encourage students to create comic strips that feature their vocabulary words in use so they cansee the root word meaning in context.


These 20 root word activities are designed to help your students expand their vocabulary skills whileimproving reading comprehension and fluency. By engaging with these activities, learners will better understand the complexities of the English language and build essential communication skills for future success.

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