20 Small Group Activities for Preschool


Preschool teachers strive to create engaging learning experiences for their young students through small group activities. These activities provide opportunities for fun and educational experiences while promoting communication, creativity, and social skills. In this article, we will explore 20 small group activities that can be easily implemented in your preschool classroom.

1. Storytelling: Encourage students to make up their own stories and share them with the group.

2. Puppet Shows: Provide puppets or have students create their own to act out stories or engage in creative play.

3. Sorting Activities: Have students sort objects by color, size, shape, or texture.

4. Musical Instruments: Introduce various musical instruments and allow children to experiment with making sounds.

5. Puzzles: Provide puzzles that are age-appropriate and encourage collaborative problem-solving.

6. Cooking Activities: Simple cooking experiences such as making fruit salad or mixing a healthy snack allow children to learn about nutrition and cooperation.

7. Blocks and Building: Supply different types of blocks or building materials to inspire creativity and construction skills.

8. Gardening: Teach children how to plant seeds, water plants, and watch them grow, or give them responsibility for a small garden plot.

9. Painting and Drawing: Set up easels or tables for children to explore different art materials such as crayons, paints, chalks, and more.

10. Sensory Play: Create sensory bins full of various textures, colors, shapes, and sizes to stimulate children’s senses.

11. Science Experiments: Choose simple experiments like mixing colors or creating bubbles that encourage curiosity and observation skills.

12. Felt Board Stories: Allow the youngsters to use felt pieces or images to create stories on a felt board.

13. Group Games: Teach cooperative games such as Duck-Duck-Goose, Freeze Dance, or Simon Says that promote listening skills and teamwork.

14. Letter Recognition: Provide materials such as magnetic letters, alphabet puzzles, or games to help children learn their letters and sounds.

15. Number Recognition: Introduce fun activities like counting objects, sorting by numbers, or playing number-based games.

16. Dress-Up Play: Set up a dress-up station with various clothing, hats, and accessories for children to explore different roles and express themselves.

17. Playdough: Offer non-toxic play dough for children to manipulate, shape, and create.

18. Matching Activities: Develop memory and thinking skills through matching games like Memory, Dominoes, or matching cards with pictures and items.

19. Reading Corner: Create a welcoming space for children to look at books independently or aloud with classmates.

20. Yoga and Mindfulness: Incorporate simple yoga poses and breathing exercises into your daily routine for relaxation and focus.


Small group activities in preschool are essential for nurturing creativity, cooperation, communication, and cognitive development among young learners. By incorporating these 20 activities into your preschool curriculum, you’re providing diverse learning experiences that will engage your students while preparing them for future educational journeys.

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