20 Ways Teachers Can Make Those Summer Vibes Last into the School Year


Summer is a time of relaxation, sunshine, and fun – but all too soon it’s back to reality as the new school year begins. Don’t despair; follow these tips to keep those summer vibes alive long after the first bell rings.

1. Play upbeat music: Start the day with some energetic, feel-good tunes that are reminiscent of summer vacations.

2. Infuse the classroom with nature: Bring in plants or post nature-themed images to maintain a connection with the outdoors.

3. Schedule “beach days”: Plan occasional beach-themed lessons or movie events featuring sand, sunblock, and surfing.

4. Maintain a warm color scheme: Use yellows, oranges, and other bright colors to energize your classroom environment.

5. Preserve your break memories: Display personal photos from your vacation to transport you back to sunnier days.

6. Emphasize hands-on learning: Get your students excited about learning by planning engaging activities that get them out of their seats.

7. Encourage summertime reading choices: Allow students autonomy in selecting books that evoke summer fun or adventure themes.

8. Foster friendships: Strengthen relationships among class members by creating opportunities for group projects and team-building exercises.

9. Create opportunities for laughter: Incorporate funny moments or humorous elements into lessons to lighten up daily routines during the school year.

10. Have outdoor lessons when possible: Holding classes outside can do wonders in helping students feel connected with nature.

11. Host an end-of-week “picnic”: Set up a picnic scene where students can enjoy light snacks and discuss their progress throughout the week.

12. Plan field trips: Connect subjects to real-world experiences with fun outings and excursions outside of the traditional classroom setting.

13. Use vivid imagery in lessons: Present colorful, eye-catching slides and media to help transport students’ minds to a summer state-of-mind.

14. Encourage creativity: Rather than assigning traditional homework assignments, prompt students to think outside the box and express their unique capabilities.

15. Organize beach cleanups: Engaging in eco-friendly community service activities can be an excellent way of reliving summertime while giving back.

16. Celebrate “sunshine days”: Acknowledge your students’ good behavior with mini sunshines to encourage a positive learning atmosphere.

17. Integrate mindfulness practices: Begin or end classes with brief meditation moments, giving students time to reconnect with their inner selves despite academic pressures.

18. Keep snacks light and refreshing: Offer students fresh fruit or hydrating foods like watermelon at special events as a healthy reminder of summertime nutrition.

19. Establish “flip-flop Fridays”: Allow for casual dress code days where students and staff can feel the relaxed nature of summer even within the walls of school.

20. Conduct “solar-powered” lessons: Integrate solar energy or sustainable living conversations into lessons, reinforcing the importance of environmentally-minded practices popular during the summertime.


Bringing summer vibes into the classroom isn’t just about fun and games – it’s about maintaining an engaging, positive, and enjoyable environment for students and teachers alike. By incorporating these suggestions into your teaching strategies, you can make the transition from vacation to academics smoother while keeping that cherished summer spirit alive!

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