2023 Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Public Relations

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Deciding which college to attend can be a daunting task. For many, it will be the most important decision that they make in their lives. To make an informed decision, you have to consider a lot of variables, such as cost of attendance, financial aid, student-teacher ratio, academics, student life, and more. These factors will either positively or negatively impact the quality of education that you receive.

Do you want to acquire a bachelor’s in public relations but don’t know what institution you should attend? Well, if you are as ambitious as I was in my late teens, then you want to attend a top school, instead of an average or mediocre one. Fortunately, we have already done the legwork for you. To help you find the right school for your interests and goals, we’ve compiled a list of 2022’s best bachelor’s in public relations programs.

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  1. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

University of Florida’s bachelor of science (BS) in public relations (BSPR) has one of the most in-depth curricula in the United States. It is rated among the best in the country. The degree program will prepare learners for careers as public relations professionals in businesses, public relations firms, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations, nationally and internationally. The degree program emphasizes a balance between skills and conceptual classes and helps learners focus on foundational subjects such as writing, research, strategy, mass communication law, and visual communication.

  1. Franklin University, Columbus, OH

Franklin University’s bachelor of science (BS) in public relations gives learners a chance to research, develop, and implement promotional campaign strategies appropriate for corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations. Learners will learn to utilize an array of media to influence public opinion, manage an organization’s reputation, examine and utilize research methods and tactics, and strategically manage communications. The eight-core and nine elective-course curricula emphasize essential skills like writing, speaking, and social media along with behavioral knowledge.

The degree program also has professional development classes, electives in organizational communication, customer relationship management, and introduction to grant writing for nonprofits. Finally, a capstone examines the tactics involved in planning and managing communication and public relations, where learners must finish a final project that demonstrates planning and managing communication for organizational goals. The degree program offers cachet because professors have many achievements. The degree program offers flexibility with a maximum transfer-credit policy of up to 94 semester hours, flexible scheduling options of 6-, 12-, and 15-week classes, evening classes, multiple start dates, and two degree options.

  1. University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

The university’s bachelor of arts (BA) degree in public relations focuses on the application of theory, research data, and problem-solving methods in the development of holistic public relations strategies. The degree program prepares learners for careers in corporate, nonprofit, and agency settings. Learners will obtain skills in writing, social media, design, and audience research; they also learn how to execute campaigns for clients. The degree program has core classes that accentuate the development, scope, and modern role of public relations, problem-solving, lectures, and the application of major public relations tools and practices.

  1. Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA

Point Park University’s bachelor of arts (BA) in public relations and advertising has a mean completion time of 2 to 4 years. The 32-credit-hour degree program requires six core and four elective classes that are each eight weeks long. Coursework taught by established professionals in the sector covers public relations and advertising fields to give learners a competitive edge. Core concepts include broadcasting, communication law, media ethics, reporting, and electronic media management.

  1. Ashford University, San Diego, CA

Ashford University’s bachelor of arts (BA)  in public relations and marketing helps learners obtain comprehension of and proficiency in marketing and public relations, including advertising, branding, and corporate communications. Problem analysis, strategic planning, message development, and strategic solutions are also emphasized. Classes are five weeks long, and the curriculum includes coursework on concepts such as communication, planning skills, consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, research, strategic solutions, and strategy. The degree program promises cachet because of its IACBE accreditation. Finally, the degree program offers flexibility with its transfer policy of up to 90 credit hours and accelerated course options.

  1. Colorado State University-Global Campus, Aurora, CO

CSU’s degree specialization in public relations is for learners who wish to improve other degrees with a focus on media relations. Learners will learn about the written and verbal communication skills needed to be spokespeople and learn about social media management. The 15-credit-hour curriculum requires five core classes that accentuate promotions, publicity, community affairs, internal relations, writing, and special events planning. The coursework consists of principles of public relations, public relations techniques, campaign and event planning, social media and public relations, and international public relations. The degree program has cachet because all graduate professors hold a PhD or terminal degree in their fields.

  1. Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

Walden University’s bachelor of science in communication with a public relations specialization has a holistic view of public relations best practices in an array of organizational settings. The 20-credit-hour specialized curriculum includes courses such as publicity and public relations and media planning and purchasing. Finally, a communication capstone in which learners design a holistic organizational communication plan is required. The degree program promises flexibility thanks to a transfer policy of up to 34 credit hours.

  1. Penn State University, State College, PA

Penn State’s bachelor of arts (BA) in advertising/public relations with a choice in strategic communications is an interdisciplinary degree program designed for professionals who want to advance their careers in strategic communications. Graduates learn to design, execute, and assess organizational communication strategies and design targeted, holistic communication strategies to advance organizational goals. The degree program also emphasizes complex problem-solving, effective communication, research and analytic methods, and goal setting. The 38-credit-hour curriculum includes 35 core credit hours plus three credit hours of strategic communications, which is focused on psychology, statistics, law, research, and other subjects that can be used to build a strong foundation of effective communication for diverse organizations.

  1. Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH

Southern New Hampshire University’s bachelor of science (BS) in communication with a concentration in public relations is an online degree program that blends traditional communication channels and emerging technologies to prepare learners for a career in corporate or nonprofit settings. The degree program promotes learners’ capacity to communicate effectively by strengthening written and verbal communication skills. The 33-credit-hour degree program requires 11 core classes that improve learners’ critical skills in thinking, writing, research, and strategic planning. The degree program promises cachet because professors have years of real-world, hands-on experience.

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