2023 Best Bachelor’s in Architecture Programs

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Do you want to become an architect, but don’t know what top school you should attend? Well, you are in luck, because we decided to do the legwork for you. In this piece, we will discuss 2022’s best bachelors in architecture programs.

1: Cornell University Cornell’s architecture program is one of the oldest in the United States, which means it has an extensive network of alumni that students can utilize. Famous architects who graduated from Cornell include Richard Meier and Peter Eisenman. Choose Cornell and one day you may add your name to the list of architectural giants that have graduated from Cornell.

2: Rice University Rice is revered for its peerless architecture programs, and with a student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1, you will receive personal attention during your studies. This type of personalized learning is unheard of and will guarantee that you never feel like just another student.

3: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Cal Poly’s Architecture Department has several programs in architecture, so you can study a specific area of interest to you. Its architecture department is one of the largest in the country, and about one in 20 architects in the US graduated from Cal Poly, which means there are tons of alumni connections to be had.

4: Syracuse University Syracuse was the first school in the country to offer a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Based on its reputation, Syracuse’s School of Architecture can get many famous architects to lecture at the school and is renowned for its outstanding faculty.

5: University of Notre Dame Notre Dame’s School of Architecture accentuates both classical architecture and urbanism. All architecture students must participate in the school’s Rome Studies Program in Rome, where they spend a year studying Roman architecture. If you can’t commit to this then cross this school off of your list.

6: Virginia Tech Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies is one of the largest architecture schools in the world. The school’s central campus is in Blacksburg, Virginia, and it also has campuses in Alexandria, Virginia, and Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.

7: Rhode Island School of Design RISD is considered one of the best architecture programs in the world. The program teaches architecture from a unique perspective. It also boasts a small faculty to student ratio, which means that professors have time to give each student the education that they deserve.

8: Pratt Institute The Pratt Institute School of Architecture puts an original spin on the Bachelor of Architecture degree through its use of technology. Also, Pratt offers a variety of courses for concentrated study.

9: University of Texas at Austin The School of Architecture at UT Austin has an extensive amount of resources available for students. There are libraries, archives, conservation labs, and research spaces on campus for architecture students to use.

10: University of Southern California Students at USC’s School of Architecture are afforded access to workspace, including classrooms, research spaces, galleries, labs, workshops, and design studios. Every architecture student at USC also has access to a personal workstation, and they can work on their projects whenever they want.



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