2023 Best Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts

Some of the best universities in the country can be found in Massachusetts. Private and public institutes of higher education in the Bay State command serious respect in academia.

Many large and small schools make the grade for the 2022 best colleges and universities in Massachusetts, and this list begins with the biggest campuses. 

Harvard University – Founded in 1636 and one of eight Ivy League campuses, Harvard ranks second among universities nationwide. Getting accepted at this private school isn’t easy; Harvard is one of the most selective schools in the United States, but it also has a 97% retention rate among freshmen. A best-value campus, the annual tuition and fees will run $50,420.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT ranks fifth in national universities, and some of the best minds in science, engineering and technology can be found here. MIT is home to the Sloan School of Management. The acceptance rate is 7%. Tuition and fees are approximately $51,832.

Tufts University – This school offers more than 70 majors, and it’s well-known for its School of Medicine and the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Your tuition and fees here will be approximately $56,382 each year.

Brandeis University – The curriculum focus here is a unique combination of liberal arts embedded with research, and students are encouraged to participate in the many extracurricular activities that the school provides. Freshmen and sophomores live on campus.  Tuition and fees are $50,395 annually.

Northeastern University – Also in the top 40 of national colleges and universities, Northeastern is well-known for getting their students hands-on work experience through internships.

Two top liberal arts schools rise above the others:

Amherst College – A top-ranked liberal arts college, Amherst attracts students from around the world because of its academic offerings. Tuition and fees here are $56,426 annually.

Wellesley College – Known for its academic rigor, this all-female school encourages women to dream big and achieve their goals. Wellesley has cross-registration agreements with schools like MIT. Tuition and fees are $53,732 each year.

Not all the schools in Massachusetts are behemoths in size, but they offer just as rigorous a curriculum as larger universities. One example of this is the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. This school offers more than 100 bachelors degrees, as well as masters and doctoral degrees, and students are encouraged to participate in community service. Tuition and fees at this school are $15,180 annually.

Massachusetts offers a variety experiences in higher education, and this state consistently proves that their colleges and universities are some of the best in the nation.

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