2023 Best Colleges and Universities in Michigan

Michigan is home to ninety-three small public and private schools, and it’s also home to one of the biggest universities in the country. Many of the institutes of higher learning have earned places among the top-ranked schools in the region as well as the nation.

Here’s a look at some of the 2022 best colleges and universities in Michigan.

Calvin College – A liberal arts school with a Christian focus, Calvin College focuses on helping their students find employment within nine months of their graduation date. Expectations are high, and excellence is the norm. This college is considered #1 in the Midwest region, has excellent undergraduate teaching and is considered a best-value school. Annual tuition and fees cost $34,600. The average financial aid package is $18,198 /year.

University of Detroit Mercy – In addition to providing a rigorous academic program, this private Catholic school encourages students to participate in community service opportunities. The university is an excellent choice for veterans, and it’s also considered a best-value school. It’s also #25 in the Midwest region. Tuition and fees are approximately $28,000 annually.

Adrian College – Although this is a small private school, Adrian College knows how to go big in everything it does. A rigorous curriculum, vibrant student life, well-supported athletic programs, and passion for service learning make up the Adrian experience. This and more have earned this college the rank of #3 among innovative schools. Expect to pay approximately $37,087 in tuition and fees.

Kettering University – Kettering involves students in hands-on learning experiences that help them gain relevant expertise in their chosen fields of study. As a result, freshmen gain valuable work experience that enhances their learning. By the time students graduate from Kettering, they are more prepared to innovate in their careers than many of their peers who graduate from other universities. Annual tuition and fees are $42,490.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – With an enrollment of nearly 46,002 students, this university is among the largest in the nation, and it ranks #27 in universities across the country and has outstanding undergraduate instruction. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is also a good choice for veterans. The campus has a 27% acceptance rate. In-state students pay $15,262 annually in tuition and fees.

Colleges and universities in Michigan are part of the Midwest Student Exchange Program, which allows students to pay in-state tuition and fees.

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