2023 Best Colleges and Universities in Minnesota

Minnesota offers college candidates diverse opportunities to study at small, mid-sized and large campuses across the state. There are plenty of public and private schools from which to choose, and many of the private schools are faith-based.

We’ll explore some of the top 2022 best colleges and universities in Minnesota. 

Carleton College – Carlton has achieved the distinction of being ranked 5th among liberal arts universities nationwide. Students benefit from small classes, and 96% of freshmen report being satisfied with their educational experience here. This private school ranks first in undergraduate teaching, is a best-value school, and in the top dozen innovative schools in the nation. Annual tuition and fees are approximately $54,759.

Bethel University – The focus at Bethel is on Christian principles in every one of the programs of study offered at the college. Business, nursing, and education are popular majors, and students learn how to become servant leaders. Annual tuition is $37,300. Bethel is tied for 17th in the Midwest.

St. Catherine University – St. Kate’s ranks thirteenth in the Midwest region, and it’s also considered a best-value school. This school is known for its programs in nursing public health, and social work. Women make up 96% of the student body. The acceptance rate here is 70%, and tuition and fees are $39,669 annually.

Hamline University – This college is the oldest institute of higher learning in Minnesota. This small school has big ideas about college studies, and it encourages students to study abroad, participate in co-curricular activities, and make the most of their time spent in small class sizes. If bachelor’s degree candidates do not graduate in four years, Hamline pays for the additional semesters until graduation. Annual tuition is $41,473.

Macalester College –Macalester focuses on creating a personalized experience for its students. The school mascot is the Scots, and bagpipe lessons are free.  This small college has earned distinction as a top liberal arts school, a best-value, and it offers an excellent undergraduate program. Tuition and fees are $54,348.

Bigger universities in Minnesota have also achieved recognition for their academic programs.

University of Minnesota – Duluth – This institute of higher education ranks 45th in the Midwest region of the United States and students can choose from 93 programs of study. Tuition and fees run $13,367 annually.

Winona State University – Winona State is recognized among colleges in the Midwest as a respected Midwest school and a best-value college. The school offers more than 80 programs. In-state tuition and fees are $9,379 a year.

Minnesota also participates in the Midwest Student Exchange Program, which allows students in nearby states to access higher education through in-state tuition costs.

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