2023 Best Colleges and Universities in Ohio

Ohio has seen plenty of firsts: the first traffic light in America, the first ambulance service, and the first cash register. The many colleges and universities in Ohio may put education first as well. 

These are the 2022 best colleges and universities in Ohio: 

Case Western Reserve University – Located in Cleveland, Case Western Reserve is ranked at #42 in the nation among national universities. This institution of higher education is known for its research, and as a result, attracts graduate students to its top-rated programs. Undergrads engage in rigorous academics, and the can also take advantage of the school’s tremendous extracurricular programs. Annual tuition and fees here run $49,042.

Ohio State University – Columbus – With a student enrollment of nearly 46,000 undergraduate students and almost half a million alumni, it’s clear that OSU is a favorite school for many. OSU offers more degrees and programs of study than any other institution of higher education in Ohio. The school is recognized for its undergraduate teaching. The acceptance rate here is 48%. The academics are rigorous, but there’s plenty of opportunity for entertainment as well. Tuition and fees run $10,726 each year.

Miami University – Oxford –Miami University is located the town of Oxford, Ohio, about 35 miles from Cincinnati. Downtown Oxford is comprised mostly of the university, and 50% of the student population lives here while going to school. The school holds onto to quaint traditions involving alumni who reach out to current students, and the teaching here is recognized as fifth-best in the nation. Expect to pay $14,825 in tuition and fees.

University of Dayton – This private, Catholic school offers students more than 80 degree programs and 200+ organizations to become involved in. The University of Dayton weighs in at #127 among national schools, is considered a best-value choice, and has earned excellent ratings in business and engineering. Annual tuition and fees are $42,900.

University of Cincinnati – Known for fine arts and health programs of study, the University of Cincinnati also awards degrees in business, engineering, and law. The school is veteran-friendly, and it’s also considered a best-value choice among similar schools. Expect to approximately $11,000 in tuition and fees.

Kent State University – This large, public university offers plenty of programs of study, but it’s well-known for its programs in business, education, health and human services, and speech pathology and audiology. Kent State is a top-notch public school with a recognized business program. Annual tuition and fees for in-state students run approximately $11,000.

Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green offers a substantial number of degrees, and its graduate programs in business, education, and health are considered some of the best; this is a top-rated public university. The school accepts 75% of its applicants each fall. Annual tuition and fees for in-state students run approximately $11,000.

This public and private schools make Ohio a first for higher education.

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