2023 Best Colleges and Universities in South Carolina

Some of the best 2022 colleges and universities in South Carolina take top honors among southern institutions of higher education. Nearly half the schools in the Palmetto State have earned recognition among similar colleges and universities.

The following schools have earned recognition among southern colleges and universities.

The Citadel  – Also known as the Military College of South Carolina, the Citadel has a strong academic and leadership focus, and the college requires all students to live on campus. There are no Greek societies on campus, but there are plenty of co-curricular activities. This school is the second best in the nation for veterans, and it also ranks high as a best-value school. In-state tuition is $12,516 annually.

Coker College – At #5 among regional colleges in the south, Coker is a private school that encourages lively discussion and hands-on learning that prepares students for their lives ahead. The college is a best-value choice. Tuition and fees here run $29,550

College of Charleston – This school made it to eleventh place among southern regional colleges, and the academic programs follow a liberal arts and sciences curriculum that thrives on the synergy created by community partnerships and collaborative learning. The annual tuition here is just under $13,000.

Lander University – Lander has been ranked #21 among southern regional colleges. This public school offers liberal arts degrees and business, education, and professional nursing programs for certification. Annual tuition and fees here cost $11,700.

Nationally ranked universities include the following:

Furman University – This liberal arts college school comes in at #51 in the United States among similar schools. The school is committed to teaching undergraduates; this is the primary goal of every faculty member at the university. Furman has been recognized for its value and innovation. Annual tuition and fees are approximately $49,532.

Clemson University – Clemson, the school with a long rivalry with the Citadel, is ranked #66 among national universities. Clemson is a research institution that accepts 47% of applicants. The university offers rigorous academics and rich co-curricular activities. It’s an excellent choice for veterans and identified as a best-value choice. The annual in-state tuition is $14,970.

South Carolina has earned a well-deserved place of respect among southern and national colleges and universities.

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