2023 Best Colleges and Universities in Virginia

With 115 colleges and universities, Virginia offers plenty of choices when it comes to higher education.

These institutions of higher education are among the oldest in the nation, and several of them are historically significant.

These are the 2022 best colleges and universities in Virginia, ranking in the top 100 schools at the national level:

University of Virginia – Tied for 25th place nationally, this school was founded by Thomas Jefferson. It is well-known for its schools of engineering, business and administration, law, and medicine. Those who attend Mr. Jefferson’s university” experience outstanding undergraduate teaching, and the university is veteran-friendly. In-state tuition and fees are less than $17,350 per year.

College of William and Mary – Ranked at 38th in the nation, the College of William and Mary is the second oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Known for its programs in business, education, and law, this college is ranked #5 for undergraduate teaching, and #16 for veterans. Tuition and fees cost $21,830 annually for in-state students.

Virginia Tech – This school has tied for 76th place among top-notch universities across the nation. The focus at this school is on research. The College of Engineering has earned top marks for its innovative program. The tuition and fees are $13,620 annually.

Virginia is also home to some of the country’s best liberal arts colleges. These four took top honors in the best 100 schools.

Washington and Lee University  – This private school is #11 in the nation among liberal arts universities. This university is a best-value choice and has a recognized business program. Washington and Lee accepts 22% of applicants. The annual tuition and fees run $52,455 annually.

University of Richmond – Ranked 25th in the United States, this private liberal arts school is also a best-value choice with a nationally-recognized business program. The acceptance rate here is 33%, and students find they have access to a variety of co-curricular opportunities, as well as the opportunity to study abroad. Annual tuition and fees cost $52,610.

Virginia Military Institute – This school is #81 among national liberal arts colleges. The cadets at this school live in military-style barracks, but their opportunities for learning are not as sparse as their living quarters; they can choose from 80 programs of study. Expect to pay approximately $18,862 annually in tuition and fees.

Hampden-Sydney College – At # 113, the college is the tenth-oldest in the country, and its legacy of remaining loyal over a long time is part of the heritage students experience. The men at this all-male school help each other over hurdles and often remain close friends for life. This school is also considered a best-value choice among similar colleges. The tuition and fees are approximately $45,396 per year.

Excellent schools and a rich history make up the higher ed landscape of Virginia.

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