2023 Best Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities in America

Always wanted to attend a prestigious liberal arts university, but having a hard time deciding? Don’t worry. We have you covered. In this piece, we will discuss the best liberal arts colleges and universities in America.

Amherst College – A top-ranked private liberal arts college, Amherst attracts students from around the world because of its academic offerings. It has an undergraduate population of 1849, its location is rural, and is known for its rigorous academic The school is home to over 100 organizations. However, it banned fraternities and sororities in 1984. Notable Alumni include past U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, Prince Albert II of Monaco and former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Harlan Fiske Stone.

Bowdoin College – This small, private college is the second-best liberal arts school in the United States. In addition to providing an excellent education, the college also offers plenty of rich college experiences. This school is home to the Peucinian Society, of which alumni Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a member. Bowdoin is a best-value school and is respected for its undergraduate teaching. 

Swarthmore College – This private school tied for third place among national liberal arts colleges, and the college also offers an engineering program. Highly selective, Swarthmore has a fall acceptance rate of 11%. Less than 10% of the students on campus have cars. 

Wellesley College – Known for its academic rigor, this all-female school encourages women to dream big and achieve their goals. Wellesley has cross-registration agreements with schools like MIT. Not all the schools in Massachusetts are behemoths in size, but they offer just as rigorous a curriculum as larger universities.

Middlebury College – Situated in the small town of Middlebury, this college is located between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains in the picturesque Champlain Valley. This liberal arts college in the nation offers studies in the environment, sciences, literature and international topics. The campus is home to the Bread Loaf Writer’s’ Conference, and attendance at Bread Loaf is a highly sought-after honor. Middlebury is in the top ten of best undergraduate teaching schools, and it is also a best-value choice.

Carleton College – Located 40 miles outside the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, this rural college has achieved the distinction of being ranked highly among liberal arts universities nationwide. Students benefit from small classes, and 96% of freshmen report being satisfied with their educational experience here. This private school ranks first in undergraduate teaching, is a best-value school, and in the top dozen innovative schools in the nation. 

Davidson College – Taking a prominent place among national colleges for liberal arts, this small, private schools offer 20+ undergraduate majors and an opportunity to graduate without any college debt, thanks to The Davidson Trust. 

Washington and Lee University — This private school ranks highly among liberal arts universities. This university is a best-value choice and has a recognized business program. Washington and Lee accepts 24% of applicants. 

Colby College – Colby ranks highly among liberal arts colleges in the nation. Many students here attend the college to major in environmental studies; attractions include a nearby peat bog and environmental preserve. This college offers fifty majors, and two-thirds of the students study abroad at programs in France, Spain, and Russia. 

Harvey Mudd College –Harvey Mudd College Harvey Mudd College is a private liberal arts school that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math. Located in Claremont, California, the most expensive college in America costs $75,006 Tuition here is $56,879, and room and board costs $18,127. Almost three-fourths of the students attending this university receive financial aid, but know they’ll be offered top jobs in STEM fields.

Grinnell College – Though somewhat removed from the buzz of civilization, there are plenty of opportunities at this “Little School on the Prairie.” With a vibrant array of social and cultural events and a focus on activism, there’s no shortage of things for students to do.

Haverford College – Liberal arts college Haverford ranks in the top 20, and this school houses the most extensive collection of Quaker history although the school is no longer affiliated with the religious group. Haverford is recognized for its undergraduate teaching and is considered a best-value choice school. 

United States Naval Academy – United States Naval Academy – Ranked highly among liberal arts colleges, the United States Naval Academy offers a Bachelor of Science degree. The academy has built a rigorous engineering program. All students enrolled here are considered midshipmen, and they earn a commission in the United States Navy as an ensign upon graduation. The student population is 73% Candidates for admission must be recommended to the program, and often this nomination comes from a congressman. Tuition and fees are free.

Bates College – This private, liberal arts school provides students with a well-rounded education designed to prepare them for their careers, and many students participate in the school’s program for studying abroad. Students can take advantage of many outdoor activities, including canoeing and skiing. Most students live on campus in one of many Victorian homes located on the 133 acres of the school. 

Colorado College – This school offers an innovative block plan for taking classes, and students take one class at a time for three and a half weeks. Students can take advantage of small class sizes, and teachers are encouraged to spend as much time as necessary to make sure the material is learned. Every completed block class gets a several-day break before the next one starts. Also, all students are required to complete a volunteer service project. 

University of Richmond – Ranked highly in the United States, this private liberal arts school is also a best-value choice with a nationally-recognized business program. The acceptance rate here is 33%, and students find they have access to a variety of co-curricular opportunities, as well as the opportunity to study abroad.

Macalester College –Located in the heart of the twin cities in Minnesota, Macalester focuses on creating a personalized experience for its students. The school mascot is the Scots, and bagpipe lessons are free. This small college has earned distinction as a top liberal arts school, a best-value, and it offers an excellent undergraduate program. 

United States Air Force Academy – Air Force requires that all students engage in military training in addition to their chosen field of study. Cadets commit to an ambitious schedule that takes up most of their days, but they also have an opportunity to become involved in additional activities. Academy graduates are well-known for their integrity, likely because they take the school’s honor code seriously. There is no cost for tuition.

Bucknell University – Bucknell consists of three Colleges: arts and sciences, engineering, and management. The school encourages students to participate in an array of study-abroad options designed to broaden their horizons. This best-value school accepts 31% of applicants.

Union College – Another private institution of higher education, this liberal arts college ranks highly among Midwestern Colleges and is considered a best-value school. Union encourages students to participate in relevant hands-on experiences, including internships, volunteering, and opportunities for studying abroad. 

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