2023 Best Online Master’s in Online Teaching Programs

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Deciding which college to attend can be a daunting task. For many, it will be the most important decision that they make in their lives. To make an informed decision, you have to consider a lot of variables, such as cost of attendance, financial aid, student/teacher ratio, academics, student life, and more. These factors will either positively or negatively impact the quality of education that you receive.

Do you want to acquire an online master’s degree in online teaching, but don’t know what institution you should attend? Well, if you are as ambitious as I was in my late teens, then you want to attend a top school, instead of an average or mediocre one. Fortunately, we have already done the legwork for you. To help you find the right school for your interests and goals, we’ve compiled a list of 2022’s best online masters in online teaching programs.

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  1. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Offering more than 100 degrees and certificates through its Mizzou Online degree program, the University of Missouri–Columbia has earned a reputation as one of distance education’s most influential exponents. In addition to making higher education convenient, academically rigorous, and reasonably priced, Mizzou Online gives learners a chance to improve the digital learning experience via its online masters in learning technologies and design. This 30-credit degree program’s emphasis on web and application design readies learners for careers in the creation and implementation of online learning platforms, educational games, and online curricula. Graduates go on to work in an array of professional fields that utilize online education services, including healthcare, the military, and K-12 education.

Required classwork introduces the crucial concepts and skills involved in the design of programs and instructional materials for online learning, along with crucial methodologies used in teaching online classes. Also, learners must select two exploratory classes covering web-based learning platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology, or Canvas. Along with 18 hours of core classwork, learners finish 12 hours of elective classes. Mizzou Online’s diverse series of electives include classes in grant writing, mobile web app development, history of books and media, and formative and summative evaluation. A capstone class must be finished before graduation.

All classes are eight or 16 weeks in length, and available entirely online. Most learners take one to two classes each semester and finish the degree program in around two years. Interested candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally sanctioned school and have earned at least a 3.0 GPA during the last 60 hours of their undergraduate classwork. GRE scores are not required. All distance learners qualify for the University of Missouri’s in-state tuition.

  1. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

The University of Rochester’s MS in online teaching and learning, offered via its Warner School of Education, prepares learners for careers in teaching via web-based platforms; it has a cutting-edge viewpoint on the design and development of online experiences. Requiring 33 credit hours, the degree program contains 15 hours of elective classwork and a three-credit field experience. Elective class offerings are varied and address concepts such as entrepreneurial skills for educators and literacy learning. Additional classes allow learners to concentrate on online instruction for subjects, such as English or science. Those interested may also receive an advanced certificate in online teaching, which entails an additional 15 hours of classwork, including three hours dedicated to experiential learning in the field of their choosing. While this highly adaptable coursework lets learners tailor their graduate education to meet individual and professional objectives, some associated classes are only offered every other year.

Candidates should possess some prior experience teaching in their area of interest, whether via professional work. The degree program does provide a limited number of institutional scholarships. Currently, the University of Rochester’s online master’s degree program is not available to distance learners living in Delaware, Utah, and Wisconsin.

  1. Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX

Designed to give working adults an adaptable alternative to conventional degree programs, DBU’s web-based classes are available year-round. While learners pursuing an MA in teaching with an online concentration will not receive a Texas teacher licensure, they will develop a solid knowledge base in the foundational principles of online and gain insight into the utilization of technology in the online classroom. This 36-credit degree program contains 15 hours of focused major classwork, via which learners investigate concepts in instructional supervision and coursework design and evaluation along with resource areas such as teaching methodologies for a multicultural society and ESL instruction. While all classes are taught online, the degree program contains a field-based service-learning component. Online master’s learners may also count their academic work toward grade- and subject- specific licensures.

Due to an increase in the degree program’s popularity, online learners are urged to register for classes early. Candidates must possess satisfactory GRE scores along with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally sanctioned institution. Along with these prerequisites, DBU expects all candidates to demonstrate a strong sense of moral character via two letters of recommendation and an individual statement of purpose.

  1. Wilkes University, Wilkes–Barre, PA

The institution’s master’s in online teaching with Pennsylvania online instruction endorsement readies learners for careers in education. Learners pursuing a master of science in education with a major in online teaching can take advantage of seven- or eight-week accelerated classes, taking one class at a time while completing two classes per semester. Most finish the 30-credit degree program in around two years. The degree program concludes with a class on teaching and learning in the online environment. A few mandatory classes are also offered via a partner degree program, PLS 3rd Learning, and require separate registration and payments.

Candidates must submit two letters of recommendation and hold a bachelor’s degree from a sanctioned institution. Learners seeking the embedded Pennsylvania online instruction endorsement must also submit a copy of their Pennsylvania level I or II teaching certificate. Qualified candidates can apply for financial aid.

  1. Madonna University, Livonia, MI

Madonna University takes pride in its low learner-to-teacher ratios, reasonably priced tuition rates, and educational outreach centers serving disadvantaged individuals across Michigan. Madonna is also home to a unique sign language studies degree program and serves as an ASL state interpreter test site.

Madonna’s MAT in online teaching gives current educators the hands-on skills required to design and implement online learning classes across an array of educational contexts. The master’s in teaching online is composed of 30 hours of classwork, including core classes in comparative and international educational perspectives, along with the legal and ethical aspects of online learning. The degree program culminates in an online practicum, in which learners design and implement their online coursework. Learners who receive a master’s in teaching online go on to work in careers in higher education, corporate training, and online teaching; graduates are prepared to work in colleges, high schools, and private corporations.

  1. New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

New Mexico State University’s master’s degree program in education (MEd) with a graduate certificate in online teaching and learning is intended for current or prospective K-12 educators who wish to take on instructional roles in online and blended learning classes. The master’s coursework consists of 36 hours of classwork: 18 of which center upon general concepts in education. An additional 15 hours address concepts specific to online learning and teaching. Learners can select to finish the degree program in two or three years, with those who work full-time taking a summer semester along with abbreviated fall and spring schedules. All learners must take a holistic examination before graduation.

  1. Thomas Edison State University, Trenton, NJ

With a mean learner age of 35, Thomas Edison State University is known for its pioneering role in delivering higher education to adult learners, along with being one of the first schools in the United States to utilize online programs. The university is qualified to offer a web-based MA in liberal arts studies and online learning and teaching. Focusing on the relationship among the liberal arts and online methodologies, this master’s in teaching online degree program offers learners a solid hypothetical foundation in pedagogy, along with the skills required to teach effectively in a virtual classroom.

Requiring 36 credit hours of classwork over six terms of study, the MA degree program contains 18 hours of core liberal arts classes that address concepts in philosophy, ethics, art, and technology. Also, learners must finish 12 hours of concentration-specific classwork. The degree program culminates in a six-hour hands-on a capstone project in which learners demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter. Most distance learners receive their degree in two years or less.

Candidates are not required to submit GRE scores. However, they should hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally sanctioned institution and have completed some professional or volunteer experience in the field of online instruction. Also, prospective learners should submit professional references and an individual essay along with their application.

  1. California State University – East Bay, Hayward, CA

Dedicated to making higher education available for working adults, California State University, East Bay has 35 fully online degree and certificate programs, including nine graduate degrees. Presented in a unique asynchronous format, CSUEB’s MS in education with online teaching and learning is intended for current educators who want to investigate the field of online education and technology or prepare for online teaching jobs. A flexible schedule lets learners take as many classes per quarter as they wish, and even skip a quarter if necessary. Although the degree program as a whole is self-paced, each class requires weekly assignments and threaded discussions.

The master’s in teaching online degree program’s 30-credit coursework contains two electives and eight required classes in areas such as the history and culture of online learning communities and technological tools in online instruction. Topics addressed via elective classwork consist of online content development, educational interface design, and current issues in online teaching. Learners are also required to finish a 15-week capstone project.

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