2023 Best Women’s Colleges and Universities in America

When most people think of college, they think of a bustling coeducational campus with both men and woman being represented equally. However, for many colleges and universities, this is not the case. These schools cater almost exclusively to one gender but still may enroll members of the opposite sex.

When it comes to colleges that were historically all female, 37 of them were still active as of 2019. It is important to point out that most of these institutions are liberal arts colleges. Many of them were founded in the 1800’s as teaching seminaries. With so many to choose from, which ones are considered the cream of the crop? In this piece, we will rank the 2022 best women’s colleges and universities in America.

  1. Spelman College – Located in Atlanta, Spelman College is a small private not-for-profit institution providing a liberal arts education to women. It’s a great fit for students who are looking for a small campus and an equally small student to faculty ratio (11:1). With over 80 student organizations, there’s something for everyone and a way to get to know other students from all walks of life.
  2. Mississippi University for Women – MUW was the first public college for women in the United States, and the student population is 80% female. Nursing, business administration, and liberal arts make up the top three programs.
  3. St. Catherine University – St. Kate’s ranks eleventh in the Midwest region, and it’s also considered a best-value school. This school is known for its programs in nursing public health, and social work.
  4. Wellesley College – Known for its academic rigor, this all-female school encourages women to dream big and achieve their goals. Wellesley has cross-registration agreements with schools like MIT. Not all the schools in Massachusetts are behemoths in size, but they offer just as rigorous a curriculum as larger universities. One example of this is the
  5. University of Massachusetts-Lowell. This school offers more than 100 bachelors degrees, as well as masters and doctoral degrees, and students are encouraged to participate in community service.
  6. Agnes Scott College – is a women’s college offering top-ranked professors and an intimate 9:1 student-faculty ratio. The student population is highly diverse, and all students participate in global training through their innovative “Summit” program.
  7. Saint Mary’s College – This private, Catholic women’s college is known for a strong sense of community and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. The supportive environment is ideal for helping young women find their unique voice in the world.

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