2023 Colleges and Universities with the Worst Graduation Rates in America

As a predictor for the future, it is crucial to look at the graduation rates of colleges and universities in America. Students need to know the graduation rates of prospective colleges as their graduation rate reflects the institution’s ability to support their students across the board. With that being said, it’s alarming to note that some colleges have exceptionally low graduation rates. Here are the top colleges and universities with the worst graduation rates that you should avoid.

1. Southern University at New Orleans – With a graduation rate of only 4%, Southern University in New Orleans tops the list of the worst graduation rates in America. This university, located in Louisiana, is a member of the Southern University System and serves approximately 2,500 students.

2. Jarvis Christian College – This private, historically black college, located in Hawkins, Texas, is the second-lowest graduation rate in the United States. Only 5% of the 930 students who enroll at this institution, graduate within six years.

3. Kentucky State University – Only 8% of students at this liberal arts college in Frankfort, KY graduate within six years, making it one of the lowest-performing institutions in the state.

4. Mississippi Valley State University – With a graduation rate of only 10%, Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, MS, fails to deliver quality education for its 2,400 students, most of whom are African American.

5. Philander Smith College – This historically black college located in Little Rock, AR, serves around 1,000 students, but only 15% of them are successful in graduating.

6. Harris-Stowe State University – This historically black university in St. Louis, MO, has a graduation rate of 16%. With almost 1,500 students enrolled at this institution, Harris-Stowe State University is accountable for providing better quality education to its students.

7. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff – Located in Pine Bluff, AR, with a graduation rate of 17%, this public university seems to have a lack of academic support, which leads to a challenging journey to graduation for its 2,800 students.

8. Lincoln University – With only 19% of students graduating from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO, this institution lands on the list of colleges with the worst graduation rates in America. Lincoln University needs to sharpen its guidelines to ensure that students excel academically and complete their degree programs successfully.

9. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology – This private, STEM-focused institution in Harrisburg, PA, with less than 1,000 students, reports a graduation rate of only 22%. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology needs to figure out paths to help students succeed academically if they hope to improve their ranking.

10. Shaw University – A private liberal arts institution in Raleigh, NC, Shaw University’s graduation rate of 24% leaves little to be desired, considering that around 1,200 students are enrolled at the university.

In conclusion, the graduation rates of these institutions are alarmingly low; they highlight the inability of these colleges and universities to support students to succeed in their academic endeavors. It is advisable to check the graduation rates of the colleges and universities before enrolling in one to avoid being disappointed and wasting money spent on tuition fees.   

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