2023 The 5 Most Expensive Colleges in America

Elite and expensive describe some of America’s top universities. In 2022, students matriculating at these colleges can expect to pay nearly $70,000 a year in tuition Room and board.

Considering that many students take four to six years to complete their college degrees, their education costs a hefty sum.

These five universities are the most expensive colleges in America.

  1. Claremont McKenna College

As the fifth most expensive college in America, Claremont McKenna costs a paltry $54,405 for tuition and another $16,705 for room and board. Average aid packages of $46,324 make this college more affordable for students seeking an education from a private liberal arts school.

  1. Sarah Lawrence College

Students at this private liberal arts college located just outside New York City pay $52,550 for tuition and another $14,440 for room and board. The school is small, with an undergraduate enrollment of fewer than 1500 students. The acceptance rate here is 53%.

The school is known for having top-notch faculty members.

  1. University of Chicago

A private school, the University of Chicago is the third most expensive school in the country, with a combined total cost of $73,356. Tuition is $57,006, and room and board costs $16,350. The university is well-known for its research, and it consistently ranks in the top for the best in education.

  1. Columbia University

The tuition at Columbia University is $59,430 per year. Room and board costs $14,016 , bringing the total annual cost to $73,446. Most students pay an average of $20,000 a year after receiving their financial aid packages. Before you begin packing your bags, however, keep in mind that Columbia turns down 94% of their applicants.

  1. Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College is a private liberal arts school that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math.

Located in Claremont, California, the most expensive college in America costs $75,003 annually. Tuition here is $56,876, and room and board costs $18,127. Almost three-fourths of the students attending this university receive financial aid, but know they’ll be offered top jobs in STEM fields.

In Summary

Many of the students enrolled at these universities aren’t paying the full amount for their tuition. Estimates suggest that anywhere from 25% to 70% of the students attending these colleges receive financial aid to assuage the pain of the high cost of a university education.

Even if students had to pay full price, they consider the investment well worthwhile. Many of them enter the workforce making six-figure salaries.

The most expensive colleges in America in 2020 will continue to attract hopeful candidates for admission.

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