2023 The Best U.S. Colleges and Universities to Work For

Every year the Chronicle of Education ranks the best U.S. colleges and universities in the country. Where will you work? With 2021 nearly at the halfway mark and 2022 not far away, it’s time to look ahead to the best choices in higher education employment.

Here are my top picks for 2022, in no particular order:

Stanford University

Considered one of the most innovative universities in the country, Stanford University outperforms similarly innovative schools by offering employees cross-departmental communications, open-mindedness and free food. The university assists faculty with housing options, encourages research and scholarship, and promotes diversity and development.

Glassdoor rankings indicate that eight out ten employees would recommend the university to friends looking for work, and 90% of the employees approve of how the school is run.

Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is a faith-based school that make it one of the best colleges and universities to work for in 2020 because of its passion for creating a balance between work and life.

Those who have worked at the Texas-based campus cite collaboration, trust and campus safety as their primary reasons for rating this school with high marks. The university culture promotes critical thinking and positivity. Reviewers report enjoying national exposure in a small-town atmosphere.

University of Michigan 

The University of Michigan offers some of the best compensation plans of any school in the country. The focus is on creating community, and this school has 200 years of experience in doing just that. Every department is service-oriented, and it shows in how the employees go out of their way to help others.

Reviews from former employees indicate that 90% of them would recommend this school to friends seeking employment in higher education.

University of Mississippi 

The University of Mississippi attracts top faculty members because of its ability to engage employees in the mission and vision of the school. Faculty members report experiencing high levels of job satisfaction, excellent working relationships with department chairs, a strong focus on diversity, and attention to fostering career trajectories.

What’s more, 97% of the employees at Ole Miss approve of the way the university is run.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University garners excellent reviews from the employees who have worked there. University leadership has a 100% approval rating, and 98% of the employees would recommend this institution to others.

Illinois State prides itself on its collaboration, and the willingness to work with each other manifests itself in every department. If you are looking for a tenure-track position, this university offers a focused and transparent approach to career planning.

My top five choices for best U.S. colleges and universities to work for in 2020 represent diverse parts of the country, and each offers distinctly appealing characteristics. There’s something for everyone in higher education.

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