21 Anthropologist Jobs to Consider

Are you looking for a career with a purpose? Then consider becoming an anthropologist. Anthropologists study the cultures and social behaviors of past and present societies. They use their knowledge to help solve problems, create strategies, and understand the impact of different cultures on the world. Anthropology is an incredibly diverse field. Here are 21 anthropologist jobs to consider:

1. Archaeologist: Archaeologists study the material remains of past cultures, such as artifacts, architecture, and art.

2. Ethnographer: Ethnographers observe and document customs, beliefs, and daily life of a particular culture.

3. Cultural Anthropologist: Cultural anthropologists examine the beliefs, values, and norms of various cultural groups.

4. Physical Anthropologist: Physical anthropologists study the physical and biological aspects of humans, including genetics, evolution, and growth.

5. Linguistic Anthropologist: Linguistic anthropologists study the relationship between language, culture, and social interaction.

6. Primatologist: Primatologists observe and study the behavior of non-human primates.

7. Forensic Anthropologist: Forensic anthropologists use their knowledge of human anatomy and archaeology to help solve criminal cases.

8. Heritage Manager: Heritage managers are responsible for preserving and protecting cultural heritage sites.

9. Museum Curator: Museum curators are responsible for creating and managing collections of artifacts.

10. Museum Educator: Museum educators work with museums to create educational programs for the public.

11. Anthropological Researcher: Anthropological researchers conduct research projects on anthropology topics.

12. Cultural Adviser: Cultural advisers help companies understand the culture of their target markets.

13. Humanitarian Worker: Humanitarian workers provide aid to people affected by natural disasters, conflict, or poverty.

14. Immigration Officer: Immigration officers help people entering and exiting a country understand the rules and regulations.

15. Human Rights Activist: Human rights activists work to protect the basic rights of people around the world.

16. Social Worker: Social workers help people in need access social services and resources.

17. Policy Analyst: Policy analysts use their knowledge of anthropology to inform policy decisions.

18. International Development Professional: International development professionals work to improve the lives of people in developing countries.

19. Anthropological Consultant: Anthropological consultants provide expertise to businesses, governments, and organizations.

20. Anthropological Writer: Anthropological writers create content related to anthropology topics.

21. University Professor: University professors teach students about anthropology topics.

Anthropologists have the unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the world. By pursuing one of these 21 anthropologist jobs, you can use your knowledge to create positive change in your community and beyond.

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