21 Fun & Educational Bowling Games for Kids


Bowling is an excellent way for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination, social skills, and understanding of basic physics principles. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 21 fun and educational bowling games that are perfect for kids of all ages. These games can be played at home, at a bowling alley, or even in a school gymnasium.

1. Basic Bowling: Start with the classic ten-pin format to teach kids the basics of bowling and scoring.

2. Alphabet Bowling: Assign each pin a letter of the alphabet. As children knock down pins, they must name words beginning with the corresponding letters.

3. Memory Bowling: Scatter objects near the pins that represent concepts learned in class (shapes, colors, etc.). As each pin is knocked down, kids must identify the related object.

4. Team Battle: Divide players into teams and have them compete for points to encourage teamwork and healthy competition.

5. Sum Strike: Write numbers on each pin, and have children calculate the sum of knocked-down pins after every throw.

6. American History Bowling: Assign each pin an event or person from American history. Players must share a fact about the pin they knocked down.

7. Relay Bowling: Set up multiple lanes and have teams race to finish a set number of frames in relay-style.

8. Odd vs Even: Only count scores for odd or even frames, allowing players to strategize when attacking pins.

9. Reverse Bowling: Try playing with non-dominant hands or backward throws to improve ambidextrous skills.

10. Animal Bowling: Assign each pin an animal and incorporate animal noises into gameplay for added fun!

11. Lights Out Bowl: Turn off all lights except a blacklight—glow-in-the-dark bowling makes for an exciting visual experience!

12. Progressive Pins: Start with one pin and increase by one for each frame, culminating in a full set by the 10th frame.

13. Musical Bowling: Play music and have players take turns to bowl whenever the music stops.

14. Skittle Math: Use smaller pins, like skittles, and create math problems using knocked-down pins.

15. Speed Bowl Race: Set a timer and challenge kids to knock down as many pins as possible within an allotted time.

16. Knockout: Eliminate players as they fail to knock down a specific number of pins during their turn until only one remains.

17. Balloon Bowling: Inflate balloons and use them as oversized pins for an outdoor or gymnasium game.

18. Silent Bowl: Challenge players to roll the ball without making any noise for stealthy fun!

19. Blindfolded Bowling: Blindfold the bowler and have teammates guide them through verbal instructions for an exciting communication exercise.

20. Trick Shot Bowling: Have kids come up with creative trick shots to knock down pins in unorthodox ways.

21. Obstacle Course Bowling: Incorporate obstacles like ramps, tunnels, or zigzag paths for kids to navigate before reaching the pins.


These 21 fun and educational bowling games will not only keep children engaged but also help them develop essential skills while having a blast! So grab your bowling balls and shoes, and get ready for an unforgettable bowling experience with your little ones!

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