21 Hacks for Teaching Kids to Use Subject-Verb Agreement While Writing

Are you looking for hacks for teaching students to use subject-verb agreement while writing? If so, keep reading.

1. After checking the learner’s written work, make sure they make all appropriate corrections in subject-verb agreement.

2. Assess the type of grammatical model that the learner is exposed to at home. Without placing negative connotations on their parents’ grammatical style, explain the difference between standard and nonstandard grammar.

3. Correct the learner every time they use subject-verb agreement incorrectly when speaking.

4. Get the learner to make up sentences with given verbs and subjects.

5. Explain that specific forms of verbs go with specific subjects and that correct subject-verb agreement requires an appropriate match of subject and verb. Teach the learner several possibilities of subject-verb agreement and how to choose the correct one.

6. Provide the learner a choice of answers (e.g., more than one possible answer, multiple-choice items on a worksheet, etc.) to facilitate their capacity and ability to recognize the correct answer.

7. Get the learner to pick out the correct verb when given choices on “fill-in-the-blank” worksheets.

8. Give the learner an app or a hand-held educational device that gives practice and reinforcement in subject-verb agreement.

9. Provide the learner a sequence of sentences with both incorrect and correct usage of verbs and ask the learner to find which are correct and incorrect.

10. Get the learner to find examples of correct subject-verb agreement in their favorite books or magazines.

11. Provide the learner a sequence of sentences, both written and oral, and have them find which ones are grammatically correct and incorrect.

12. Get the learner to practice correct subject-verb agreement by providing the learner with several sentences with errors on the smartboard or overhead projector. The learner is then expected to correct the subject-verb errors and discuss them with the teacher.

13. Converse with the learner to explain that they are using unacceptable subject-verb agreement and emphasize the importance of writing grammatically correct sentences.

14. Get the learner to read the written work of peers in which subject-verb agreement is used correctly.

15. Spotlight subject-verb agreements in the learner’s reading to call attention to appropriate combinations.

16. Get the learner to write sentences with given verbs and subjects.

17. Play Concentration to match subject-verb agreement.

18. Get the learner to help correct other students’ written work by checking the subject-verb agreement and correcting the task.

19. Find the most common errors the learner makes in subject-verb agreement. Get the learner to spend time each day writing one or more of these subject-verb combinations in correct form.

20. Create a list of the correct forms of subjects and verbs the learner has difficulty writing correctly. Get the learner to keep the list at their desk for a reference when writing.

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