21 Things Teachers Should Do While on Spring Break

Step away from the laminator and set your grading pen down. Now that spring break is here, it’s time to take a real break from the school day routine. Check out our list of ideas, both radical and sensible, and then ask your teacher BFF to help you check off some of these tasks.

  1. Read a (Whole) Book.

It’s time to follow your advice as you spend a lot of time urging your students to read. Start with the library’s adult department and spend an hour browsing until you find something that appeals to you.

  1. Plan Nothing. 

Imagine a day where you have no expectations and neither predetermined plans nor commitments. This is hardly the route to planetary dominance, but it occasionally feels good.

  1. Sleep Until Noon.

Although 19-year-olds are experts at it, you might need to put some effort in. Grab a book and tuck yourself even more deeply into your pillow if you wake up earlier than you’d like.

  1. Buy Something for Your Other Rooms.

You constantly purchase items for your classroom (you’re welcome, school district! ), so set a challenge for yourself today and buy an item for a room in your home. It isn’t even necessary for it to be encouraging or educational. It might simply be stunning.

  1. Bake a Three-Layer Lemon Cake.

Or perhaps bran muffins. Anything that you and your family or friends will eat. A baking session in the afternoon is usually therapeutic.

  1. Road Trip!

Jack, get in the car with your children or a buddy and drive off. You don’t always need to know where you’re going because the excitement occasionally comes from the unexpected.

  1. Ask a Non-School BFF on a Date.

Our genuinely wonderful friends keep us content, rooted, and sane. Get in touch with one of yours and have lunch or coffee to catch up.

  1. Scatter Rose Petals, Blast Heavy Metal, Dance in the Streets, or Write Your Congresswoman. 

Do something unusual that surprises those around you, whether small or large.

  1. Pretend it’s the 18th Century. (Or even just 1980.) 

We’re all guilty of becoming dependent on our phones and social media. For the afternoon, turn off your devices and concentrate on creating, speaking, singing, walking, or whatever. Your appreciation of the world will change after you cut off your connection to screens.

  1. Field Trip … In Your Town! 

When was the last time you went to the courtroom or the local train museum? While on break, make it a point to visit at least one intriguing public location.

  1. Project Runway.

Have you heard that a guy or a woman is what they wear? Purchase already. You gain extra points if you can put together an appropriate outfit for both school and a night out.

  1. Shop for the Ultimate Comfort Shoe.

Although it won’t be simple, the challenge should be accepted. Grab your teacher’s best friend and head to the shoe store to choose a pair of cozy and adorable shoes. We have faith in you. It is feasible!

  1. Don’t Scream; Eat Ice Cream. 

Find a shop that sells hand-dipped, vintage ice cream and reward yourself. It resembles a trip within a cone.

  1. Go Rustic.

Take a long hike and bring a picnic. The soul is soothed, and the spirit is lifted by nature. Bring a sketchbook and pencils to draw some of the plants or birds you see. You’ll unwind and be delighted when you pull out that sketchbook later in the semester and read through your sketches and notes.

  1. Catch Up on Life.

Making that photo album from last year’s vacation or emailing your college pals are two tasks everyone has on their to-do list but never seems to get around to. Put a few things off your never-ending list of things to accomplish before returning to your pleasant activities.

  1. Start Planning Summer Vacation.

We think you should always be thinking about your next vacation. So, start planning for summer while you’re on this little holiday.

  1. Throw a Fake Dinner Party. 

You should take the night off from organizing and preparing meals. Order takeout, present it on fine plates, and keep your sweat a secret. “My fried dumplings are delicious, aren’t they?”

  1. Go for a Massage.

A 60-minute massage is the best method to unwind that you will find. Heck, you might want to treat yourself and stay for 90 minutes! In either case, this should be at the top of your list of “accomplishments” during spring break.

  1. Call your Great-Uncle Henry and Your Baby Sister. 

We all have relatives or friends that don’t live nearby but are very significant in our lives. During your vacation week, call one or two of those persons.

  1. Organize Yourself Mentally.

Life’s craziness may quickly take over, clouding our understanding of what is truly important. Spend some time pressing the reset button before returning to what matters most.

  1. Be Like a Tree Sloth. 

It seems like there is never a fun time during the work week! The best way to enjoy the tiny things, the larger picture, and your life is to slow down drastically.

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