21 Ways to Teach Students to Copy Content

Are you looking for ways to teach students to copy content? If so, keep reading.

1. Select a peer to assist the learner in copying the content (e.g., read the content aloud as the learner copies it, copy the content for the learner, etc.).

2. Get the learner to ask for help when they need it.

3. Give the learner the appropriate learning materials to finish tasks (e.g., pencil with eraser, paper, dictionary, handwriting sample, etc.). Make sure that the learner has only the appropriate learning materials on the desk.

4. Provide a consistent format from which the learner copies.

5. Get the learner to read their written work out loud when proofing.

6. Create an environmental setting for the classroom that promotes optimal individual performance (e.g., quiet room, background music, fresh air, etc.).

7. Get the learner to question any directions, explanations, or instructions they do not understand.

8. Put the content from which the learner is to copy at a distance to him/her. As the learner shows success, slowly move the content closer to the learner.

9. Get the learner to work on the task at another time (e.g., later in the day, during lunch, etc.) when they should be able to concentrate better.

10. Praise the learner for copying letters, words, sentences, and numbers from a model at a close proximity: (a) give the learner a concrete reward (e.g., privileges such as leading the line, handing out learning materials, 10 minutes of free time, etc.) or (b) give the learner an informal reward (e.g., praise, handshake, smile, etc.).

11. Assist the learner in completing writing tasks so they will not have to hurry.

12. Spotlight the content the learner is to copy.

13. Widen the print from which the learner is copying.

14. Select a peer to proofread all the learner’s work before it is submitted.

15. Find any particular letters or numbers the learner has difficulty copying and have them practice copying those letters or numbers.

16. Get the learner’s vision reviewed if it has not been recently reviewed.

17. Boost supervision (e.g., by teacher, peer, paraprofessional, etc.) of the learner while they are performing tasks that require copying.

18. Train the learner to list five attributes of a peer who produces neat work. Get them to select one of those attributes to work on each week for five weeks.

19. Get the learner to practice writing letters, words, and sentences by tracing over a sequence of dots.

20. Provide consistent expectations for the learner to finish a task neatly and accurately.

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