22 Fun Activities for Read Across America for Middle School

1. Book-Themed Escape Rooms: Set up escape rooms based on popular books, challenging students to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries related to their favorite stories.

2. Reading Marathon: Organize a reading marathon, where students can take turns reading aloud from chosen books or their own works.

3. Character Costume Day: Encourage students to dress up as their favorite book characters and share the reasons behind their choices.

4. Author Visit or Skype Session: Invite a local author to visit the school or arrange a Skype session, giving students the opportunity to ask questions about writing and publishing.

5. Book Swap: Organize a book swap event where students bring in books they’ve enjoyed and exchange them with classmates.

6. Battle of the Books: Split students into teams and have them compete in a book trivia challenge based on their assigned reading list items.

7. Writing Workshop: Hold a writing workshop led by an experienced teacher or guest author to help students develop their creative writing skills.

8. Poetry Slam: Invite students to perform original or adapted poetry readings in front of an audience, celebrating both written and spoken word.

9. Silent Reading Party: Designate time for students to bring their favorite books to class and read silently, enjoying the company of fellow bookworms.

10. Reader’s Theater: Organize groups of students to perform short adaptations of popular stories, enhancing their understanding of plot and character development.

11. Themed Classroom Decorations: Encourage each homeroom class to decorate its classroom based on a favorite author or book series.

12. Graphic Novel Creation: Teach students how to turn their favorite stories into graphic novels using storyboards, illustrations, and dialogue balloons.

13. Diversity in Literature Discussion Panels: Hold discussions on the importance of diversity in literature and ways authors represent people from various backgrounds through characters and stories.

14. Book Soundtracks: Have students create and share unique playlists that represent the themes, emotions, or characters in their favorite books.

15. Sentence Strips: Allow students to practice developing plot lines and story summaries using large strips of paper and a limited number of words.

16. Bookmark Design Contest: Invite students to design bookmarks based on their favorite books, with the best designs printed and distributed throughout the school.

17. Story Chains: Start a story with one sentence written on a whiteboard and encourage students to continue the tale by adding their own lines, one at a time.

18. Book-to-Film Comparisons: Watch film adaptations of popular novels and discuss any differences between the source material and cinematic interpretations.

19. Reading Bingo: Create reading bingo cards with categories like “books set in other countries” or “books with strong female protagonists,” encouraging students to read broadly.

20. DIY Library: Construct a small in-class library where students can voluntarily donate favorite books for their classmates to borrow and enjoy.

21. Virtual Storytime: Organize a virtual storytime session for middle schoolers to read books for younger children via video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype.

22. Read Across America Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt where students must find clues, answer literary questions, and complete challenges related to reading, incorporating school-wide participation.

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