22 Fun And Engaging Rain Activities For Kids


Rainy days don’t have to mean staying indoors and being bored. With a little creativity, you can turn a gloomy day into a memorable adventure for your kids. Here are 22 fun and engaging rain activities for kids that will make them excited for the next rainy day.

1. Puddle Jumping: Put on rain boots and waterproof clothing, head outside, and have a blast jumping in puddles.

2. Indoor Camping: Set up a tent indoors, complete with sleeping bags and flashlights. Spend the day telling stories, playing games, and having an indoor picnic.

3. Rain Painting: Drop watercolor paint onto white paper and watch the rain create unique patterns as the colors mix together.

4. Mud Play: After the rain has softened the ground, go outside and have some messy fun with mud pies and sculptures.

5. Paper Boat Races: Fold paper boats, then race them down a water-filled gutter or stream.

6. Wet Chalk Art: Use wet chalk to draw vibrant images on sidewalks or driveways.

7. Rain Catchers: Create simple rain catchers using recycled bottles and watch how much water accumulates.

8. Window Art: Use window markers to draw pictures or write messages on windows that will be enhanced by the raindrops, making it a dynamic piece of art.

9. Homemade Rain Gauge: Teach your kids how to measure rainfall by making your own rain gauge using simple household items.

10. Nature Walk: Take a walk around your neighborhood or local park to observe how wildlife behaves during and after rain showers.

11. Raindrop Symphony: Listen to the soothing sound of raindrops by creating a space with various objects that make different sounds when hit by raindrops – pots, pans, plastic containers.

12. Water Balloon Toss: Fill balloons with water to mimic rain, then have some fun tossing them and enjoying a splash-filled game.

13. Indoor Obstacle Course: Set up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, furniture, and toys, then let the kids burn off energy as they race through it.

14. Rainy Day Movie Marathon: Cuddle up with blankets and enjoy a fun movie marathon of family favorites.

15. Fort Building: Gather all the pillows, blankets, and chairs to construct the ultimate indoor fort.

16. Baking Day: Spend the day baking cookies, cakes, or other treats together.

17. Cloud Watching: Have a post-rain relaxation session by laying on blankets outside and cloud watching.

18. Wet Sponge Relay: Create a relay race in your backyard for kids to pass wet sponges between teammates.

19. Raindrop Races: Pick two raindrops on a window and see which one reaches the bottom first.

20. Make an Indoor Garden: Start seeds indoors or create a mini garden using flower pots and soil, perfect for green thumbs on rainy days.

21. Splatter Art: Create abstract art by splattering watered-down paint onto paper outdoors during the rain.

22. Board Game Day: Have an all-day board game tournament with snacks and prizes for winners.


With these 22 fun and engaging rain activities at your disposal, you can turn any rainy day into an exciting time full of laughter and learning. Keep this list handy to ensure that your kids look forward to rainy days just as much as sunny ones!

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