22 Fun Morning Meeting Ideas for Middle School


Morning meetings are a great opportunity for middle school students to start their day on a positive note. They provide a space for students to connect, share, and learn from one another. Below are 22 fun morning meeting ideas that will keep your middle school students engaged and excited about starting their day.

1. Musical Chairs: Students move to a new seat each morning to meet and interact with different classmates.

2. Affirmation Station: Encourage students to write down and share positive affirmations with each other.

3. Human Knot: Students form a circle, reach across to hold hands with opposite classmates, and then work together to untangle themselves without letting go of hands.

4. Two Truths and a Lie: Each student shares two true statements and one false statement. Classmates must guess which is the lie.

5. Superhero Names: Students create superhero names for themselves based on their unique talents and interests.

6. Compliment Circle: Students give specific compliments to the classmate sitting next to them until everyone has received a compliment.

7. Word Association: Students say the first word that comes to mind when the teacher says a word, creating a spontaneous, fun chain reaction of words.

8. Themed Dress-Up Days: Have students dress up according to a predetermined theme (e.g., Fictional Character Day or Wacky Hat Day).

9. Flashback Friday: Share events or news from history that happened on that date, encouraging students to reflect on the past.

10. Morning Motivation: Play an upbeat song before class starts as an energizer for the day.

11. Guess the Song: Play short clips of popular songs and have students guess which song it is.

12. Silent Ball Game: A stress ball is silently passed around as students remain quiet and focused before beginning classwork.

13. Vocabulary Challenge: Introduce new vocabulary words each week and challenge students to use them in conversation.

14. Shout-Outs: Encourage students to share shout-outs, acknowledging acts of kindness or accomplishments by their classmates.

15. Keeping Up With Current Events: Discuss a relevant news story and have students share their thoughts and opinions.

16. Goal-Setting: Students set personal or academic goals for the week and share their progress throughout.

17. Mocktail Monday: Prepare non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for students to enjoy as they mingle and chat before class begins.

18. Question of the Day: Pose fun, thought-provoking questions to start meaningful conversations among students.

19. Mindfulness Activities: Teach short mindfulness exercises to help students relax and focus at the beginning of the day.

20. Teachers’ Talents: Occasionally, teachers can showcase a unique talent (e.g., juggling, magic trick) to students during morning meetings.

21. Cooperative Problem Solving: Present a challenge or problem that needs teamwork, encouraging collaboration among the students.

22. Brain-Boosting Trivia: Incorporate trivia games about different subjects that will engage students’ minds first thing in the morning.


Implementing these engaging morning meeting ideas can greatly enhance the middle school experience. These activities foster a sense of community while allowing students to learn more about themselves and their peers. Give these 22 ideas a try, and watch your middle schoolers flourish during their morning meetings.

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