22 Fun Morning Meeting Ideas for Middle School

Engaging in morning meetings is a great way for middle school students to start the day. It can be an opportunity for students to connect with each other, practice public-speaking, and review important information. Here are 22 fun morning meeting ideas for middle schoolers:

1. Appreciation Circle: Each student takes a turn sharing something they appreciate about someone else in the group.

2. Show and Tell: Each student brings in something from home to share with the group.

3. Problem Solving: Pick a problem facing the school and have students come up with potential solutions.

4. Current Events: Have students discuss a current event or news story.

5. Brainteasers: Challenge students to solve a variety of brainteasers.

6. Inspirational Quotes: Have each student share an inspirational quote.

7. Writing Exercise: Have students write a short story or poem in a specific amount of time.

8. Word of the Day: Introduce a new vocabulary word each day and have students discuss its definition and usage.

9. Matching Game: Give students a list of items that must be matched up in a certain way.

10. Interpersonal Skills: Have students practice different interpersonal skills such as active listening, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution.

11. Team Building: Engage students in team-building activities that can help strengthen their relationships.

12. Icebreakers: Introduce different icebreaker activities to help students get to know each other better.

13. Job Interviews: Have students practice job interview techniques with each other.

14. Book Reviews: Have students discuss a book they recently read.

15. Debate: Choose a topic and have students debate the opposing sides of an issue.

16. Movie Reviews: Have students share their thoughts on a movie they recently watched.

17. Cultural Exchange: Have students share different cultural customs and traditions.

18. Charades: Have students take turns acting out different words or phrases.

19. Guess Who: Give clues about a famous personality and have students guess who it is.

20. Science Experiments: Introduce a science experiment and have students work together to complete it.

21. Geography: Challenge students to identify countries, capitals, and other geographical features.

22. Games: Choose a variety of different games that students can play together.

These morning meeting ideas can help make the start of the school day more enjoyable and engaging for middle school students. Letting students participate in activities like these can help them learn important skills while also having fun.

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