23 Activity Ideas for Book Week 2018 – Find Your Treasure

With Book Week 2018 themed “Find Your Treasure”, it’s the perfect occasion to dive into the realms of wonderful stories, characters, and imaginary worlds with exciting activities. Here are 23 activity ideas to celebrate the joy of reading and spark a love for books:

1. Treasure Map Creation: Have the children create their own treasure maps that lead to their favorite book in the library.

2. Character Dress-Up Day: Everyone dresses up as their favorite book character.

3. Reading Marathon: Set up a challenge to see how many books can be read in a week.

4. Book Themed Art Contest: Invite children to submit artwork based on their favorite books.

5. Write Your Own Adventure Story: Encourage children to write stories with a treasure hunt theme.

6. Pirate Story Time: Host a story session featuring pirate-themed books.

7. Book Swap: Organize a day where kids can bring a book from home and swap it with another child’s treasure.

8. Golden Bookmark Craft: Create special bookmarks that represent “finding treasure” in reading.

9. Library Scavenger Hunt: Organize clues that lead kids through different genres in the library to find a hidden treasure.

10. Read Aloud Relay: Pass along a book and have each person read a page before passing it on.

11. Create Your Own Book Cover: Allow kids to redesign the cover of their favorite book.

12. Secret Book Society: Start a secret club where members discuss books they’ve discovered.

13. Storyteller Guest Speaker: Invite an author or storyteller to share their tales.

14. Dramatize Favorite Scenes: Have students act out scenes from well-loved stories.

15. Bookish Bake Sale: Sell treats named after popular books or characters with proceeds going to charity or school library funds.

16. Illustration Workshop: Bring in an illustrator to teach about bringing stories to life visually.

17. Young Librarians Day: Let kids take turns being ‘librarian’ for the day, recommending books to their peers.

18. ‘X’ Marks the Book Spot: Place ‘X’ stickers underneath random chairs at school, those who find them win a book prize.

19. Poetry Treasure Hunt: Create an event where children search for and collect poems around a theme.

20. World Book Day Video Call: Connect with children from another school elsewhere in the world and talk about your favorite books.

21. Puzzle Pieces Story Building: Each child gets a piece of puzzle with a story element written on it and together they create an adventure tale.

22. Escape Room Literature Challenge: Design classroom challenges around literary puzzles that require knowledge gleaned from books read during Book Week to escape.

23. Treasured Reads Display: Kids bring in their most ‘treasured’ read and explain why it is so important to them, displaying the works in a special showcase.

These activities aim not only at fostering children’s imagination but also at deepening their connection with literature in fun and interactive ways during Book Week 2018!

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