23 Escape Room Games for Kids of All Ages


Escape room games have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a unique and exciting way for kids of all ages to challenge their minds and problem-solving skills. No matter their interests or abilities, there’s an escape room game out there for every child. Here are 23 fantastic escape room games designed specifically for kids to enjoy!

1. Operation: Enigma – Travel back in time to World War II and crack the secret codes to save the world.

2. The Lost Treasure of Atlantis – Dive into a world of underwater exploration and adventure in search for the legendary lost city.

3. Jungle Expedition – Navigate through a wild jungle filled with hidden clues and dangerous creatures.

4. Haunted Mansion Mystery – Unravel the spooky secrets of an old haunted mansion as you venture into its dark depths.

5. Space Pirate Invasion – Defend your spaceship from an invasion of space pirates using your wits and courage.

6. Detective Academy – Join a team of young detectives and solve riveting mysteries together.

7. Time Traveler’s Quest – Uncover the key to traveling through time as you follow a trail of cryptic clues.

8. The Wizard’s Conundrum – Battle evil sorcerers and break the wizard’s curse using your knowledge of potions and spells.

9. Superhero Academy – Train to become a superhero, develop your powers, and defeat evil masterminds.

10. Dinosaur Discovery – Embark on a prehistoric quest to discover long-lost dinosaur fossils and recover ancient eggs.

11. Museum Heist – Sneak your way through a secure museum, uncovering artifacts while avoiding security systems at every turn.

12. The Great Circus Escape –Navigate an abandoned circus filled with puzzles and riddles that will test your problem-solving abilities.

13. Ninja Training Camp – Enter into the shadowy realm of ninjas as you hone your stealth and puzzle-solving skills.

14. Candy Kingdom Quest – Sweeten the challenge as you locate and escape with stolen recipes from a delicious candy kingdom.

15. Egyptian Tomb Adventure – Delve into an ancient tomb, decipher hieroglyphics, and uncover long-lost treasures hidden beneath the sands.

16. Ice Castle Expedition – Traverse a frozen landscape to solve puzzles and uncover the secret of a magical ice kingdom.

17. Professor’s Time Machine – Assist a brilliant professor in repairing a malfunctioning time machine before it’s too late.

18. Magical Forest Enchantment – Journey through an enchanted forest filled with whimsical creatures and mystical challenges.

19. Pirate Cove Treasure Hunt – Explore a sprawling pirate cove while unearthing hidden treasures and navigating treacherous obstacles.

20. The Royal Quest – Aspiring knights embark on a perilous journey to save the kingdom from perilous challenges.

21. Robot Laboratory Mayhem – Break into an advanced robot lab to prevent the takeover of Earth by cunning automatons.

22. Mystery Island Adventure – Survive on a deserted island by unravelling its secrets using teamwork and strategic thinking.

23. The Great Arctic Rescue – Embark on an icy expedition, using teamwork to survive in the frozen wilderness and rescue stranded explorers.


Whether your child is interested in history, mysteries, adventure, or fantasy, this list of escape room games offers something for everyone – no matter their age or skill level. So gather your family or invite friends over for a night of bonding while solving puzzles, working together, and having a blast discovering new worlds!

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