23 Family-Friendly Fun Things to Do in Sarasota with Kids

Sarasota, Florida’s Gulf Coast, is unquestionably a city to visit.

There are miles of gorgeous beaches and many intriguing and entertaining cultural organizations.

Additionally, it has a long history that tells the tale of circus life, hence the moniker Circus City.

One thing is sure, there are many family-friendly activities in this Florida city, whether you’re seeking kid-friendly attractions or entertainment for teenagers.

So join in the excitement and learn about the enjoyable family activities in Sarasota.

  1. Mote Marine Laboratory

On City Island, a non-profit institution called Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium emphasizes marine research and education.

It debuted in 1955.

Why Your Family Should Go

One of the best family activities in Sarasota is taking a stroll around Mote. It’s both entertaining and instructive.

The aquarium has a ton of exciting exhibits that you may explore.

Beautiful exhibitions will be displayed, ranging from coral reefs and sea jellies to lively river otters and lazing alligators.

What to Do with Kids

Discover the inhabitants at Mote Aquarium.

You can greet the manatees and sea turtles by waving.

However, if you’re looking for more excitement, you may gaze into the 135,000-gallon tank packed with fascinating sharks.

Recommended Ages

Sea and animal enthusiasts will enjoy the Mote Aquarium, a welcoming destination.

You can even bring a newborn here and still have a great time.

  1. Suncoast Science Center

An experimental lab created for hands-on learning is the Suncoast Science Center.

The Suncoast Science Center includes the Faulhaber Fab Lab and Science Leading Library.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you have future architects and engineers in your family?

If your children are scientific nerds, the Science Center is undoubtedly one of the best locations to take them in Sarasota.

Modern tools in the lab can assist individuals with tests that would be challenging to carry out at home.

What to Do with Kids

Participate in the Fab Lab’s classes and workshops to get down with the science experiments.

It’s a terrific way to kill time, meet new people, and learn new skills.

Recommended Ages

Most seasons are designed for students in grades two and up who are of school age.

Even your adolescent children will enjoy using the lab’s tools.

  1. Florida Studio Theatre’s Kid’s Komedy Club

Downtown Sarasota is home to the nonprofit Florida Studio Theatre.

It debuted in 1973 and currently offers six primary initiatives, including a children’s theater.

Why Your Family Should Go

Enrolling your child in one of the many classes the Kid’s Komedy Club offers will allow them to showcase their artistic aptitude.

You never know; your kid might become the next Hollywood A-lister.

What to Do with Kids

Join the classes to improve sketch comedy writing, acting, and performance skills.

Your children will develop their confidence as they perform in front of a live audience, making new friends and expanding their horizons.

Recommended Ages

There are various course options available.

The Kid’s Komedy Club is usually indicated for children between the ages of 10 and 17.

  1. Sarasota Square Mall

Westfield Sarasota Square Mall was once known as a tiny mall called Sarasota Square is located in the city.

It debuted in 1977.

Why Your Family Should Go

There must be at least one shopping stop on every journey.

Visit the mall to recruit your young children and teenage trendsetters.

This weekend, your favorite retailers like JCPenney, Old Navy, and Hot Topic will have endless sales.

What to Do with Kids

If you need to unwind, the Sarasota Square Mall is a terrific place.

You can stock up on items to bring home or pause for a meal.

Recommended Ages

The whole family will have fun spending some time exploring the mall.

  1. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The 15-acre Marie Selby Botanical Gardens are housed in the historic residence of Marie and William Selby.

The Marie Selby Botanical Garden got included in the National Registered of Historic Places in 1998.

Why Your Family Should Go

Because of its stunning displays of vivid and alive plants and flowers, the gardens are known as the Living Museum.

You can browse a variety of exhibits, including the Orchid Show and others.

What to Do with Kids

A stroll around the Selby gardens is a top choice when considering Sarasota activities for families with young children.

You can check out places like the Children’s Rainforest Garden or the Tropical Conservatory.

Recommended Ages

Both little youngsters and big kids might enjoy a trip to the botanical gardens.

  1. TreeUmph!

A short 26-minute drive from Sarasota, in the nearby Bradenton, lies an adventure course called TreeUmph.

Why Your Family Should Go

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this elevated outdoor park if you’re a family seeking kid-friendly activities close to Circus City.

You can traverse suspended bridges and complete various-level zip line courses.

What to Do with Kids

Swing around in the aerial courses at TreeUmph today to experience how nature and the gym can coexist.

This gravity-defying activity will be unforgettable, thanks to the zip lines and wild hazards.

Recommended Ages

Climbers 7 and older are the ideal age range for this activity.

Some courses may have differing upper-age requirements.

For weight restrictions, you should also check their website.

  1. The Ringling

Mable Burton and John Ringling are the namesakes of the art gallery known as The Ringling.

It serves as Florida’s official state museum of art.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Bolger Playspace and Bayfront Gardens at the Ringling are ideal for some low-cost family entertainment.

In Ca’dzan, a mansion on the property built in the Venetian Gothic style, you may also have enjoyable family picture shoots.

What to Do with Kids

Explore the Ringling Museum of Art and its enormous collection of works of art.

Let your youngsters explore the Circus Museum instead.

The collection consists of prop wagons, costumes for actors, and other items.

Recommended Ages

The entire family will enjoy exploring The Ringling’s expansive grounds and several exhibits, from your toddler to your teen.

  1. Bob’s Train

On Fruitville Road, in Sarasota, a restaurant called Bob’s Railroad is housed inside four actual train cars.

Why Your Family Should Go

You don’t get to boast that you had breakfast or lunch on a railway car every day.

But if you want to, you may schedule every meal on Bob’s Train while visiting Sarasota.

The eatery has a delectable cuisine that includes salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

What to Do with Kids

They feature a kid-friendly menu, so youngsters won’t have any trouble deciding what they want to eat.

The interior of Bob’s Train, however, is what sets it apart from other restaurants.

While you are here, take lots of pictures.

Recommended Ages

If you eat at Bob’s Train, you can be sure that everyone will love their meal.

  1. Urfer Park

On Honore Avenue is a multipurpose recreation space called Urfer Park.

Why Your Family Should Go

Looking for free family activities in Sarasota?

Take a day trip to Urfer Park.

They have a toddler playground, a picnic pavilion, and other amenities.

What to Do with Kids

Pick a location in the park and allow the kids to play and run as much as they like.

Teenagers will enjoy the exercise equipment and the nearby bike and hiking paths.

The playground will be a massive hit with young children.

Recommended Ages

Every member of your family will find entertainment in Urfer Park.

Bring everyone with you when you come here, from baby to grandma.

  1. Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary

A habitat dedicated to harboring large cats like tigers and lions is called Big Cat Habitat.

It was created in 1987.

Why Your Family Should Go

Animal enthusiasts will undoubtedly enjoy a visit to the refuge to view the vast cats roaming free.

Your kids will get the opportunity to encounter every animal, from cats like lions and tigers to non-cat species like bears and monkeys.

What to Do with Kids

Your kids can meet some of the animals in addition to viewing them in their natural habitat.

Say hello to wallabies, foxes, sloths, and more.

Recommended Ages

The Big Cat Habitat is accessible to the whole family.

Tweens and teens, however, could find animal encounters more enjoyable.

  1. Oscar Scherer State Park

At Osprey, 1,400 acres of Oscar Scherer State Park are just 18 minutes from Sarasota.

It was established back in 1956.

Why Your Family Should Go

An excellent suggestion for family-friendly activities in Sarasota is to take a nature excursion.

Oscar Scherer State Park is a beautiful place to go hiking, camping, and having a picnic.

What to Do with Kids

Kids and teenagers will love a day in this park because you may engage in activities like rollerblading, snorkeling, paddling, and more that aren’t available in other parks.

Recommended Ages

Every member of the family will appreciate visiting the state park itself.

But depending on the difficulty level, the activities you complete here might be appropriate for different age groups.

  1. Sarasota Audubon Society

A local chapter of the Audubon Society is dedicated to preserving and protecting wildlife and birds.

Why Your Family Should Go

If you enjoy bird watching, you may discover more about various birds, observe them up close, and even explore their existing ecosystems.

When you go to the Sarasota Audubon Nature Center.

What to Do with Kids

With your binoculars close at hand, go on escorted tours of the neighborhood.

You never know what kind of birds you’ll see when you come here.

Recommended Ages

Even though it is not physically taxing, young children might not find this activity enjoyable.

Eight and older children are better candidates.

  1. Sarasota Jungle Gardens

A family-run neighborhood zoo, Sarasota Jungle Gardens is home to 200 different species, both local and exotic.

Why Your Family Should Go

Have fun exploring the zoo and meeting many animals, including lemurs, parrots, and snakes.

Attending animal exhibits and even getting your picture taken with various animals are options.

What to Do with Kids

The neighborhood zoo offers many activities for kids, including touching a snake, counting young ducks, and feeding flamingos.

Recommended Ages

While visiting Sarasota Jungle Gardens, the whole family can have fun.

Let your teen experience the excitement of handling a genuine, live alligator or stroll through the zoo with your infant.

  1. St. Armands Circle

St. Armands Key in Sarasota Bay is where St. Armands Circle is situated.

It is most renowned for its dining and shopping area.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you want to spend the day shopping or lounging on the beach?

St. Armands Circle might be the place to go.

When you visit this tiny island, it will feel like you’ve left the country because of its distinctively European atmosphere.

What to Do with Kids

Check out Lido Beach’s pristine beaches and let the kids play in the Gulf of Mexico’s glistening waves.

After that, eat outdoors at one of the restaurants in St. Armands Circle.

Or visit the shopping area to look for mid-century modern furniture.

Recommended Ages

For the whole family, a day at the beach combined with a few hours of shopping can be enjoyable.

  1. Myakka River State Park

With 37,000 acres, Myakka River State Park is one of Florida’s most famous parks.

Why Your Family Should Go

Are we looking for a spot to take in the richness of nature?

Myakka River State Park is an excellent area for family-friendly activities in Sarasota.

Camping, birdwatching, horseback riding, and observing animals are just a few available activities.

What to Do with Kids

Will you be taking a vacation with your older children?

After your trip, try rustic camping to boost the difficulty.

Recommended Ages

Most of the state park’s activities are sure to be popular with youngsters of all ages.

However, some activities (depending on their difficulty level) can be more suitable for young adults, teens, and tweens.

  1. Unconditional Surrender Sculpture

A life-size bronze sculpture entitled “Unconditional Surrender” was created by Seward Johnson in 2005.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you like to visit famous sites while on vacation in this lovely city?

Your family must visit the Unconditional Surrender Sculpture after that.

Because there are no entrance costs, it is also ideal for families on a tight budget.

What to Do with Kids

The renowned sculpture makes the ideal backdrop for enjoyable family portraits.

Additionally, it is situated in a lovely waterfront park where you may have a romantic stroll side by side.

Recommended Ages

All are welcome to view the Unconditional Surrender sculpture, but older children and their parents may find it more compelling.

  1. Legacy Trail

The 18.5-mile-long Legacy Trail, which runs alongside several communities, including Sarasota, was first made public in 2005.

Why Your Family Should Go

Go on an adventure along Legacy Trail with your loved ones to get some much-needed outdoor time.

It connects to numerous cities, downtown areas, and picturesque nature trails surrounded by lush vegetation.

What to Do with Kids

Enjoy the fresh air while taking a stroll, jogging, or showing your kids how to ride a bike along this beautiful trail.

Along the route, you can also stop to take pictures and explore any nearby eateries or stores.

Recommended Ages

You will enjoy walking this trail with your children regardless of age.

  1. Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy

A whimsical museum with a growing collection of modern art is the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do members of your tribe have an interest in art?

Then, savor this unique museum’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

It offers a variety of exciting events throughout the year and a lot of uplifting and bright artwork that your kids will enjoy looking at.

What to Do with Kids

Spend quality time together as a family while taking innumerable pictures in front of the striking artworks at this museum.

Explore exhibitions showcasing works such as paintings, sculptures, pieces of stand glass, drawings, and more.

Depending on your visit, you may also participate in author presentations, book signings, or guided tours.

Recommended Ages

This museum is best suited for pre-teens, teens, and their parents because it does not have much to offer toddlers or younger children.

  1. The Celery Fields

Numerous birds frequent a 400-acre area known as The Celery Fields.

In Sarasota County, it serves as the central flood mitigation zone.

Why Your Family Should Go

Enjoy some outdoor entertainment at the Celery Fields to escape the city’s high rises and concrete streets.

It offers countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and has a varied terrain with open marshes, large ponds, canals, and different types of trees.

What to Do with Kids

Low-impact activities like fishing, kayaking, bird watching, riding, wildlife viewing, nature photography, and similar ones are perfect at this popular tourist site.

Additionally, it features two boardwalks that are great for taking strolls while admiring the scenery.

Recommended Ages

Most attractions’ activities best suit school-aged children, their elder siblings, and their parents.

  1. Livingston’s Amusement

A 50,000-square-foot amusement complex called Livingston’s Amusements has a full-service bar and pub food.

Why Your Family Should Go

At Livington’s Amusements, spend an enjoyable day indoors with your kids while making lifelong memories.

It has a fun arcade, a bazooka ball court, pool tables, go-kart tracks, and bumper cars.

What to Do with Kids

You can play various themed games in the arcade, including The Walking Dead, Halo, Monopoly, Mario Kart, Jurassic Park, Nerf, and other time-honored favorites.

Older children can engage in additional activities like a fun game of bazooka ball, a casual game of pool, or riding bumper cars or go-karts.

Recommended Ages

This entertainment venue has no age restrictions, but an adult must accompany all minors after 10 pm.

  1. Sarasota Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Show

A long-standing Sarasota tradition, the Sarasota Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Show was first held in 1957.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you have any members of your family who enjoy water sports?

Get ready to be surprised as you and your family enjoy this top-notch performance.

You can experience this fantastic live entertainment for nothing.

What to Do with Kids

Enjoy the cool sea breeze while watching skilled skiers do ballets, swivel lines, tricks, and pyramids on the water.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to attend this presentation, which is geared toward families.

  1. Siesta Key Beach

The Siesta Key Beach is a long stretch of open space with powdered quartz-crystal sand tucked into the Gulf of Mexico’s shoreline.

Why Your Family Should Go

Take your family to Siesta Key Beach for a laid-back day in the sun.

Enjoy the calm sea and fine sand as you take a much-needed break from city life at this idyllic hideaway.

What to Do with Kids

The options at Siesta Key Beach are limitless.

You can relax as your kid’s play by building sandcastles, splashing in the fantastic sea, kicking a ball, or burying each other in the sand.

Recommended Ages

Beachgoers of all ages will enjoy themselves at Siesta Key Beach.

  1. Discover Sarasota Tours

A renowned sightseeing tour company, Discover Sarasota Tours offers a variety of tours in a cutting-edge van.

Why Your Family Should Go

Schedule a once-in-a-lifetime tour experience with this famous organization.

Whether you have a more leisurely and laid-back day or a more action-packed and adventurous day, it offers something fantastic.

What to Do with Kids

By making a package reservation with Discover Sarasota Tours, you may enjoy family-friendly activities in Sarasota.

You can take many themed guided tours, such as Murder Mystery, Haunted Sarasota, City Sightseeing, Sunset City, Public Art, Psychic Sundays, and more.

Recommended Ages

The whole family will have a good time with this tour operator during a full day of travel.

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