23 Jobs You Can Get with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management

A master’s degree in engineering management can open many doors to various careers. With a strong understanding of engineering principles and management skills, you can find several different roles. Here are 23 jobs you can get with a master’s degree in engineering management:

1. Engineering Manager: An engineering manager oversees the day-to-day work of engineers in a company and ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget.

2. Quality Engineer: A quality engineer is responsible for ensuring that products meet customer standards and industry regulations.

3. Technical Project Manager: A technical project manager is in charge of managing the technical aspects of a project, such as resources and timelines.

4. Process Engineer: A process engineer optimizes manufacturing processes, ensuring that products are created most efficiently and cost-effectively possible.

5. Design Engineer: A design engineer is responsible for creating designs, drawings, and specifications for various components and systems.

6. Facilities Engineer: A facilities engineer designs, builds and maintains facilities, such as factories, refineries, and other industrial sites.

7. Production Engineer: A production engineer is in charge of overseeing the production process, from design to completion.

8. Reliability Engineer: A reliability engineer is responsible for ensuring that systems and components are safe and reliable.

9. Construction Manager: A construction manager oversees the entire construction process, from planning to completion.

10. Manufacturing Engineer: A manufacturing engineer is responsible for developing manufacturing processes that are efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

11. Maintenance Manager: A maintenance manager is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment and systems.

12. System Engineer: A system engineer designs, builds and maintains systems and components.

13. Control Systems Engineer: A control systems engineer designs, develops and implements control systems.

14. Automation Engineer: An automation engineer designs, builds and maintains automated systems.

15. Quality Assurance Engineer: A quality assurance engineer is responsible for ensuring that products meet customer and industry standards.

16. Software Engineer: A software engineer designs, develops, tests, and maintains software applications.

17. Data Scientist: A data scientist is responsible for analyzing and interpreting large data sets.

18. Security Engineer: A security engineer is responsible for designing and implementing security systems.

19. Robotics Engineer: A robotics engineer designs and builds robots to perform specific tasks.

20. Business Intelligence Engineer: A business intelligence engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining business intelligence systems.

21. Business Analyst: A business analyst evaluates business processes and procedures and recommends improvements.

22. Process Improvement Manager: A process improvement manager is responsible for ensuring that processes are efficient and cost-effective.

23. Logistics Manager: A logistics manager is responsible for coordinating and managing the transportation, storage, and delivery of goods.

With a master’s degree in engineering management, you can choose from a variety of jobs. Whether you’re looking to be an engineer, manager, or analyst, there’s a role out there for you.

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