23 of the Best 9th Grade Science Projects and Experiments

Are you looking for science activities to do with your 2nd graders? No sweat. We have you covered. Check out our list of 23 science projects and experiments that you can try with your 9th graders this month.

  1. Is a Dense Fruit a Healthy Fruit? | Education.com – Grades 9-12, In this experiment, students will find out if there is a correlation between density and nutritional value, by measuring the density of vegetables and fruits.
  2. Effect of Glucose and Sucrose as Dietary Additives | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Students examine if and how glucose affects the lifespan of humans.
  3. Effect of Acid Rain on Seedling Germination | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Does acid rain have a positive or negative impact on seedling germination? In this project, students use vinegar-based solutions to mimic acid rain conditions to find.
  4. Effectiveness of Garlic in Fighting Bacteria | All-Science-Fair-Projects.com – Grades 9-12, Use milk in petri dishes to find out if garlic is a natural antibiotic.
  5. How Do Roots Grow When the Direction of Gravity Changes? | ScienceBuddies.org -Grades 6-10, Plants respond to gravity by stems that grow upward and roots that grow downward. Experiment with germinating seeds and rotate them to make up down and down up. How do you think the growing seedlings will respond?
  6. Build a Raft Powered by Surface Tension | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 6-10, Learn about the properties of surface water tension, and use it to propel a raft.
  7. Paw Preference in Pets | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 7-10, Are animals left-handed or right-handed like humans?
  8. Bat Detector: Listen to the Secret Sounds of Bats | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 7-10, Study the behavior of bats to find out how do they use echolocation to catch their prey
  9. Saving Migratory Animals | ScienceBuddies.org – Grades 7-10, They’re here today but could be gone tomorrow. Examine the migratory path of a bird species and the similarities and differences between their winter and summer habitats. Recommend which locations should be preserved to protect these species.
  10. Electric wind: hi-speed threads of charged air | Scienceclub.org – Grades 9-12, Use dry ice and an electrostatic generator to observe air streams and hi-speed air-threads.
  11. Evaluating Benfords Law | Education.com – Grades 9-12, In this project, students investigate the applicability of Benford’s Lawto many sets of everyday data, such as lists of country populations, utility bills or the distance of various stars from earth.
  12. Patterns in J.S. Bach | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Determine the mathematical patterns in JS Bach’s two-movement preludes and fugues.
  13. Raw vs. Cooked Foods | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Do raw foods contain more calories than cooked foods? Use a bomb calorimeter to measure and calculate the amount of energy (calories) within various foods, ignite food samples, calculate the change in temperature.
  14. Chemistry of Ice-Cream Making | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 9-12, Test how the addition of salt and other substances to water affects the freezing point of the water-based solution. Is rock salt and ice the best combination for freezing ice cream?
  15. Water to Fuel to Water | ScienceBuddies.org Grades 9-12, Examine the possibilities for water as part of the fuel cycle for the future. How efficient is a cobalt-based catalyst at helping to form molecular oxygen?
  16. Levitating with Eddy Currents! | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 9-12, Build your own maglev (magnetic levitation) system and demonstrate how eddy currents work.
  17. Does Your Cell Phone Leak? | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 9-12, Measure cell phone radiation from several distances when making a call and when texting.
  18. Lighthouse Redesign | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Old lighthouses have historical significance.  Give them a new life with a modern interior redesign.
  19. Lights and Sounds of Logic | Illinois Institute of Technology – Grades 9-12, Digital electronics such as smartphones and computers work by embedded logic. Use circuits that light up and make a sound to show how this basic logic works.
  20. Oregametry | Education.com – Grades 9-12, Use the mathematics of paper folding to learn the practical applications of particular origami folding techniques. Create your own origami or make modifications to existing designs. Origami Sightingshas some mind-blowing applications of origami concepts.
  21. Extracting Heat Energy from a Compost Pile | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 9-12, Use your bananas peels, newspapers, leaves, and coffee grounds to create compost. Find out if enough energy is generated from the compost to heat water.
  22. Do Hurricanes Cool the Ocean? | Sciencebuddies.org – Grades 9-12, Collect data on hurricane strength and sea surface temperature to determine if cooling occurs and if it can be measured with the passing of a hurricane.
  23. How Earth’s Wobble Affects the Rotation of Earth | Education.com – Grades 9-12, The purpose of this project is to determine if there are fluctuations in the rising and the setting of the sun and the position of the earth as it rotates. You’ll record observations over three months.
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