23 Ways to Help Students Remain in Their Assigned Areas

Are you looking for ways to help students remember to remain in their assigned areas? If so, keep reading.

1. Make sure the learner knows where they are required to be at all times.

2. Make the learner remain in designated areas for short periods. As the learner shows success, slowly increase the length of time.

3. Make sure the learner knows the locations for all designated areas .

4. Make sure the behavioral requirements are appropriate for the learner’s abilities (e.g., capacity and ability to find locations of designated areas, capacity and ability to tell time, capacity and ability to interact with peers appropriately, etc.).

5. Make sure the learner is actively involved in a learning experience in the designated area to enable their capacity and ability to remain in the designated area for a specific period.

6. Assign the learner a responsibility to perform in the designated area to keep them actively involved (e.g., supervision of others, responsibility for learning materials, group leader, etc.).

7. Give the learner a timer to help them remain in the designated area for a specific period.

8. Display the times the learner should enter and leave designated areas (e.g., one clock face indicates time to enter, another clock face indicates time to go, etc.).

9. Get the learner to carry a hall pass on which teachers will indicate arrival and departure times for designated areas .

10. Provide a predetermined signal (e.g., ring a bell, turn lights off and on, etc.) to indicate when to enter and leave designated areas .

11. Establish physical barriers or boundary markings to help the learner remain in a designated area.

12. Designate areas that are off limits with signs such as “Danger” or “Keep Out,”etc.

13. Give sufficient supervision in designated areas . As the learner shows success, slowly lessen the amount of control.

14. Give the learner many chances for social and academic success in designated areas .

15. Require time spent away from an assigned area to be made up during break time, lunch, free time, etc.

16. Designate a peer to remain in an assigned area with the learner for a specific period.

17. Make sure the learner can tell time to increase the likelihood that they will know how long to remain in designated areas.

18. Minimize stimuli in the designated area that would cause the learner to be unable to remain in the designated area for a specific period.

19. Praise the learner for staying in designated areas  (e.g., free time areas, learner lounge, leisure areas, etc.).

20. Teach the learner ways to deal with stimuli or problems in designated areas that may cause the learner to leave the area (e.g., talk to a teacher, move to a quiet space in the designated area, avoid confrontations, etc.).

21. Consider using a classroom management app to help the student learn to stay in their assigned areas. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

22. Consider using Alexa to help you with classroom management. Click here to read an article that we wrote on the subject.

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