24 Back-to-School Supplies Every Disney Loving Teacher Needs

As the new academic year is just around the corner, teachers everywhere are gearing up to create magical learning experiences for their students. Disney-loving teachers know that incorporating a dash of pixie dust into their classrooms can inspire and ignite the imagination of their students! We’ve compiled a list of 24 back-to-school supplies perfect for every Disney loving teacher.

1. Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Classroom Decorations: Jazz up your walls and bulletin boards with these adorable Mickey and Minnie themed decorations.

2. Disney Princess Pencil Toppers: Let your students scribble away with their favorite princesses by their side.

3. Beauty and the Beast Reading Log: Encourage kids to track their reading adventures with this enchanting journal.

4. Frozen-themed Stickers: Use these stickers as rewards for good work or during assignment grading.

5. Toy Story Pencil Case: Keep your desk organized and fun with a colorful Toy Story pencil case.

6. Disney-inspired Calendar Set: Start each day with a little extra Disney magic using a calendar set featuring familiar characters.

7. Finding Nemo Classroom Jobs Chart: Assign classroom duties with a splash using this Finding Nemo-themed job chart.

8. Lion King Attendance Chart: Use this cute Lion King attendance chart to keep track of who’s present in class.

9. Aladdin Classroom Rules Poster: Teach your kids the importance of following rules with this Aladdin-themed poster.

10. Wall-E Recycling Bin Labels: Promote eco-friendly habits with Wall-E recycling bin labels for paper, plastic, and other waste materials.

11. Ratatouille Kitchen Safety Posters: For cooking classes, use these adorable Ratatouille posters to remind everyone about kitchen safety rules.

12. Lilo & Stitch Desk Accessories: Brighten up your desk space with some Lilo & Stitch-inspired items like pencil holders and notepads.

13. Disney-themed Student Name Tags: Provide each student with personalized name tags featuring their favorite Disney characters.

14. Tangled Vocabulary Word Wall: Bring some excitement to learning by using a Tangled-themed word wall for displaying new vocabulary words.

15. Moana Hall Passes: Ensure an adventurous hall pass system with Moana-themed passes.

16. Snow White Attendance and Lunch Count Kit: Keep track of your students’ attendance and lunch choices with this adorable Snow White kit.

17. Tinker Bell Dry Erase Board: Inspire fairy-tale thoughts while using a Tinker Bell-themed dry erase board for quick notes or announcements.

18. Peter Pan-Inspired Classroom Decor: Offer whimsy in your teaching space with storybook decor like Peter Pan throw pillows, banners, and wall hangings.

19. The Incredibles Task Completion Charts: Encourage kids to stay focused and achieve their goals with these superhero-themed task charts.

20. Little Mermaid Organizer Bins: Sort and store supplies in these enchanting Ariel-inspired bins.

21. Coco Motivational Posters: Display inspiring messages about friendship, family, and perseverance through colorful Coco posters.

22. Zootopia Positive Behavior Chart System: Develop positive character traits in students by using the popular Zootopia characters as role models for ethical behavior.

23. Disney Pixar Binder Clips: Get organized with a fun touch – secure papers and other documents using eye-catching binder clips from Disney Pixar films.

24.The Aristocats Stamps Set: Leave a stamp of approval on all completed work with this adorable Aristocats stamp set, perfect for grading papers or rewarding good behavior.

With these 24 unique back-to-school supplies, you’ll be well on your way to making your classroom a magical place where dreams come true!

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